How Do You Really Feel About Designer Diaper Bags?

How Do You Really Feel About Designer Diaper Bags?

I did a little poll among the Mom’s in my daughter’s playgroup regarding designer diaper bags. It was interesting to get so many diverse opinions. I related a recent incident where my mother had gifted me a Burberry diaper bag. I don’t know how much it cost, but you can Google and see the price is up there. The incident was apparently since I got laid off my job right before my baby was born, another family member felt I was being incredibly selfish to have bought this diaper bag and felt the need to relay this thought to several other family members. Even though it was about me, I was one of the last people to find out how selfish and snobbish I was being portrayed. Let’s just say, I wish you could have seen my sister-in-law’s face when I told her I didn’t buy the designer diaper bag, it was a gift from my mother. Now, after talking to other Moms, I decided to take my opinion poll online. I polled a few of the online forums I’m frequently posting in, and got their thoughts too. It boiled down to variations of four main myths about high-end diaper bags.

Myth #1: Designer diaper bags are for Moms that want to show off

 Designer Diaper Bags

This was one of the comments that I actually expected because I personally experienced members of my own family feeling that way about designer label diaper bags. I can’t offer up a lot of statistics and facts on this one. It’s purely a matter of personal taste. I have honestly been unable to find one single owner of a high end diaper bag that had “showing off” as their main purpose for acquiring it. Most of the Moms that I chatted with that owned the diaper bags simply wanted something quality that they could use when they didn’t need it for lugging around baby gear any longer.

Myth #2: It teaches a child early to accept only designer labels

 Designer Diaper Bags

This was a concern I heard from a few other Moms, including my sister-in-law. Somehow my baby will notice that I have a Burberry diaper bag and only demand high end label things the rest of her life. I feel like if I teach my child about value and quality as she grows up, she won’t make inappropriate demands.

Myth #3: No designer diaper bag is eco-friendly

 Designer Diaper Bags

I’m just getting into shifting our family lifestyle into being as eco-friendly as possible and I honestly wasn’t sure about this one, so I did some research. I found several diaper bags made by designers were meeting the need to be made from sustainable materials in the greenest way possible. One example I found was DKNY teamed up with Lauren Bush for the fabulous FEED line of diaper bags. Not only are they made from sustainable materials, portions of every sale to benefit the UN World Food Program, currently they have helped fund 60 million meals globally.

Myth #4: It’s a huge waste of money

 Designer Diaper Bags

This gets down to a matter of opinion. $100 is a lot of money to spend to some people and others it’s barely a drop in the bucket. One mother told me she’d much rather splurge on new clothes for when she lost her baby weight. Another Mom said she found a Coach diaper bag on an auction site for half the retail price, and she was probably going to get it. The reason was that she had spent money on a cheap diaper bag that was already falling apart, she said at least with the Coach bag she knew it would be well made. It was interesting to find out so many angles on the designer diaper bags issues. Honestly, I never knew there were so many opinions. I’m definitely on the side it’s fine to own one and you don’t need to justify it.


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