Things You Didn’t Know About the Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

Things You Didn’t Know About the Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

When I was shopping for cribs recently, I looked at a ton of crib designs. Just for fun and shock factor, I sorted the search results by highest price to lowest. I have to admit, I’m a little impressed with the prices manufacturers can get for cribs. When I resorted from lowest to highest, the Davinci Kalani mini crib was on the page. I started looking more into this crib because it looks a little more modern than some other styles of crib I had been looking at.

The crib I am looking for is for a friend that mentioned she would love to have a crib for her new granddaughter to sleep in during visits. When we were talking she had already blown off the idea of getting a crib the room for her grandbaby is on the small side, and she felt like a crib would just overwhelm it. So, I told her I’d help her come up with a solution, and I already had a mini crib in mind. I decided to put a little fact sheet together for her, and since I know a lot parents are searching for good deals on mini cribs, I thought I would share it here.

How is a Mini Crib Different?

 Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

A mini crib is just that. A miniature crib. Although the dimensions of a mini crib still give your baby a lot of wiggle room. This mini crib is in the realm of most other mini cribs at 39-inches by 28-inches. Personally, my children always seemed more secure in a mini crib.

Safety Features of a Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

 Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

I am putting safety first because I think all parents can agree that should come first and foremost with your baby. This is a well thought-out crib design. The edges are rounded, and the mattress will adjust to 4 different heights so as your baby grows, you can drop it lower so you baby cannot climb out. This crib meets the ASTM specifications of safety and is certified safe from lead or phthalate. Plus the finish is completely non-toxic. I learned with my first child that babies will indeed chew crib rails if given half a chance. Another feature I personally like is the static side rail. My daughter smashed her fingers when she managed to trip the sliding mechanism in her main crib. To this day I have no idea how she managed to do that, but indeed she did. After that, I decided reaching over the rail for baby even though I’m only 5-foot 3-inches tall wasn’t a bad thing.

Davinci Kalani Mini Crib Made from Sustainable Wood

 Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

I’ve been working for the past few years to switch over to organic foods and get the toxic chemicals out of the cleaners I use around the house. I try to buy local and sustainable products whenever possible. We’re just one family making choices, but hopefully we’re making a difference. This mini crib is made from pine wood from New Zealand, and it’s a choice you can feel good about because pine wood is a sustainable wood and very durable.

Will Continue to Work for You After the Baby is Grown

 Davinci Kalani Mini Crib

This is one of the coolest features about Davinci cribs, they think ahead for when the baby grows. This mini crib will convert to a twin size bed with little effort. All you need to supply is a new twin mattress.

Since I’ve put this little Davinci Kalani mini crib fact sheet together, I think I’m hitting every concern my friend had about a buying a crib. We answered her need for not a lot of space being taken up, made from sustainable wood, and she won’t be locked into storing a crib once her grandchild outgrows it. I feel confident I’m making a purchase my friend will love. I can’t wait for her to see how compact but functional this crib will be for her granddaughter.


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