Why You Should Buy The Cybex Baby Carrier

Why You Should Buy The Cybex Baby Carrier

I can honestly say that I am one of the pickiest shoppers ever, probably on the entire planet. Not only do I take my time to research everything I may buy, but I will also seek out other people who may own the product to get first hand reviews from them. After all, you need to make sure that your hard earned money is well spent, right?

Finding the Cybex Baby Carrier

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Once I became pregnant with twins, I knew that I was going to have a difficult road ahead of me. First of all, there is the double baby thing… don’t even get me started. Then I also have to make sure that I have two of every essential to make sure that everything goes smoothly whether we are at home, or we make our way out to the park, run errands and more. I just knew that I was going to spend a whole lot of time reading up on consumer reports and safety ratings on so many different products. The Cybex baby carrier was one of the first things that I looked into. Better yet, I bought not only one but two and we love them.

Easily The Best Money Spent

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I don’t want to say that I have a clingy parenting style, but I like to have a ton of one on one time with my boys. We knew that we were going to be handling them a lot, and there was going to be a lot of hands on bonding and snuggling time. How could we go on with our daily routine at home without having to set them down all of the time? I just had to find the best carrier that money could buy so we could keep the babies close yet still get a lot of our day to day chores done.

Cybex Baby Carrier Reviews

Cybex Baby CarrierClick Here

While reading through a whole lot of reviews, the Cybex baby carrier really stood out to me. You know that you want convenience, great design, perfect weight distribution and even solid style. This is the one baby carrier that I can honestly attest has it all. Not only is it comfortable but it also looks great, and it is really easy to use. One of the major things that scared me when using a carrier, any carrier, for the first time was getting the baby in and out of it. This is the type of amazing carrier that you can position just about any way that you feel most comfortable with. Not only can you wear it front facing or the baby on the back, but you can also take the Cybex baby carrier and position it on your hip! When you take into consideration that you can place the baby either forward or rear facing while either on the front or on the back, you really have 5 positions that you can use. Well, 6 if you actually count both hips into the equation.

Pricing Is Doable

Cybex Baby CarrierClick Here

We both noticed while shopping around for a quality baby carrier that the prices can get a bit higher the better the ratings, and reviews are. With that being said, we got our Cybex baby carrier for just under $100, and we feel that it is beyond worth what we paid for it. They are easy to wash and just right for hikes or even vacuuming at home while the baby snuggles up and sleeps. This carrier also grows with the baby so you can use it up until your little one is right around 45lbs. While our boys are still small, we cannot wait to take them out for walks and hikes in the future, Cybex baby carriers strapped on and loving every minute of it.


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