Cyber Monday Boots

Cyber Monday Boots


I have been browsing for hot and elegant boots that promote good deals! Saving a buck or two is a triple bonus for me and always has been. The most popular and unique style out there in the fashion footwear world are currently casual, western, wide width and wide calf and combat and lace- up then I jump right on my horse as I am the cowgirl wearing riding boots for this special preview of Cyber Monday Boots.


Cyber Monday Boots

Prepare for the starting line, I am promoting the Kenneth Cole Reaction Pro Long Over the Knee. I secretly want to personally, purchase these pair of boots. The color is earthy. Height is a main aspect for this sub- line as the bottom is completely flat but is tall length has it ends over the knee. A compatible match to wear with leggings and long sweater dresses. Has a round- toe, faux suede upper, synthetic sole and nineteen inch shaft height with partial inside zipper, fourteen and a half calf circumference, even with amazing elastic gore for comfortable stretch fit. Color is taupe and costs a solid eighty- nine and ninety- five that is compared to an original price of one hundred and thirty dollars. Item number is 300992. Not just special shoes, but spicy fab!


Cyber Monday Boots

Howdy all! I am from the desert land where sun and hot weather is the birthplace of hot footwear. Gosh, this pair is just sparkling with mystical magic that screams: don’t mess with me; I am the town’s sheriff! One of my top most liked designers; Steven Madden has created this all tough and all pair of brown boots. The title is Steven Madden Turner and is at one forty- nine ninety- five compared to the original price that was previously two- hundred bucks. Versatile and trendy and can be matched perfectly with a long skirt with a tank top in the seasons of autumn and spring. Distressed leather, leather upper, synthetic sole and good round toe, marvelous tassel detail on zipper, fourteen ¼ calf circumference, three inch stacked block heel and sixteen inch shaft height with gorgeous drop- dead back zipper. Identification digits are 289347.


Cyber Monday Boots

Polish on a new look on any occasion in these pair of black leather shoes. And show how it is done! We are definitely watching. Costs nine- ninety- five worthy bucks. Belted ankle strap, leather upper, synthetic sole, round toe, one ¾ photo stacked wedge and fourteen and a half shaft height, inside of the zipper closure, fifteen ¾ calf circumference. Try this pair of footwear on, and show off that sassy side! I prefer wearing these footwear pair into an outfit that is dramatic and classy as can be best matched with a hot pattern style dress just ending a little above the knee. With two earrings and red or hot pink palm lipstick topped with chap- stick. Hey there, show how much of a sassy diva you are, when you march to the journey of absolute sassy sophistication! Wow, who knew you could be so perfect charmer?


Cyber Monday Boots

Timeless look and makes a glorious vision with skinny jeans. Let’s move on because I know at this moment, you are tapping those fingers against the table surface aggressively. Well, sorry but I enjoy keeping you waiting when we are discussing beautiful footwear. It is like a significant day dream come true or a combat battle filled with peace. Get that super edgy hot appeal when we start a battle. Moving on, Betsy Johnson Litza is the title for this fabulous pair of killer shoes. Showcases the color black, lace- up, eight inch shaft height with rubber sole, leather upper, hot ruffle trim for spice, ten inch leg opening and one inch block heel, at one hundred and nineteen and ninety five. Comes in three different shades of color options. Miss diva, you can choose black, brown or grey.


Cyber Monday Boots

Okay, so hey there cowgirl! Look at you, on the horse ready to ride! Let the wind blow through your long silky luscious hair. Mm… Coconuts Britain Wide Calf Riding that is momentarily priced at one hundred forty- nine and ninety- five. Believe it or not, was previously at two hundred and fifty nine bucks! Average rating is four stars. Frankly, an even better reason to buy these lovely and hot footwear pair to fit perfectly into any woman’s lifestyle when you try on a polished look to amuse the others that details the fashion queen within you! Colored in dark brown or black, rubber sole, one- inch block heel, leather upper style, round toe that is a no shocker. Decorative ankle straps with more marvelous buckle details, fifteen ¼ shaft height, that is inside zipper closure and more so, fifteen inch calf circumference. Now that we have finished and you have landed off of your horse, buckle back up for the ride of your life when you try on a new style from one of these amazing pairs of boots in the unique and sexy Cyber Monday Boots. One last thing cowgirl before you ride away until the evening light… rock on!


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