Who Would’ve Thought? A Crib Quilt As A Gift!

Who Would’ve Thought? A Crib Quilt As A Gift!

For many years, the ladies in my family have gathered around to make quilts for various occasions. I remember watching my mother, aunts and grandmothers sitting around and quilting, talking about some of the latest gossip and of course all of the current events. I also distinctly remember thinking that I would never become part of such a quilting circle as long as I live. I just thought at the time that it was silly and just plain boring. Little did I know that I would miss those days.

Now that I am grown

Crib Quilt

 and a lot of my friends and cousins are having babies of their own, I am always looking for the best gift to give for showers and even for first Christmas gifts for babies. I will end up looking all over the place for the perfect gift, and I end up spending a lot of money on something that I am not even sure they will end up using. One day when I was in the bedding section at a popular baby store looking around I turned my attention to a crib quilt. This wasn’t the type of quilt that you may have seen at a baby shower in my family. This was a modest, simple quilt with licensed characters on it. I couldn’t help but feel sad there was a child out there who may get this as a gift compared to a crib quilt that was made with love.

A Crib Quilt for Nessie’s Baby

Crib Quilt

A few months later, I got news that we were going to be helping to plan a baby shower for my cousin Nessie who was going to be having her very first child. I knew that not only would I be getting together with family but that I would also have to start shopping around for yet another baby gift to give at the shower. Then it dawned on me. I realized that maybe I did want to get involved in a quilting circle just as I had sworn I would never do years ago. Maybe I could get together with my sister and make a nice quilt to give to Nessie for her shower that had a personal touch to it. I got on the phone and started to brainstorm with my sister. She laughed at first, but she loved the idea.

Planning the Crib Quilt

Crib Quilt

The next weekend she and I went to the fabric store and started to pick out material for the crib quilt that we were going to make. Looking around at all of the patterns, I started to associate some of them with different family members whether they were still with us, or they had since passed. I saw a beautiful print that had tiny pink flowers with green stems on it, and I thought of our grandmother who we had lost several years earlier. Maybe it was thinking of her, but I had another great idea. Instead of just making a crib quilt for the shower, we were going to make the crib quilt AT the baby shower.

Generations Crib Quilt

Crib Quilt

With Nessie’s baby and my nostalgic breakthrough, we have now started a brand new tradition in our family. We have brought the quilting circle back, and now we gather to do so whenever someone gets married or has a new baby or buys a new home. The crib quilt started it all back up again, and I cherish all of the memories that are being built with it.

While there is nothing wrong with the crib quilts that you can buy today, there is something extra special about one that is made with love and laughter behind it. Hopefully, my future children and Nessie’s new baby girl will grow to understand and love the quilting circle just as much as we all do.


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