You Won’t Believe What She Used for a Crib Mobile

You Won’t Believe What She Used for a Crib Mobile

For my first baby, I bought into the idea that I needed every little bell and whistle available for my coming baby. I was 20-years old, and I spent an absolutely embarrassing amount of money on a crib, overly expensive crib mobile that my baby never looked twice at, overpriced changing table, diaper pail that I never used, and all sorts of other little things that got little to no use. I found for all the things I needed with a baby, there were a lot of things I never needed at all.

Things Change

Crib Mobile

Ten years and three children later, I am now expecting my fourth child and a lot of things have changed in my family. We now do Meatless Mondays, with the hopes of maybe extending that to other days of the week. We try to live as green as we can, and my youngest two children have never had a soda. My oldest doesn’t miss it a bit. When I got the positive sign on my pregnancy test, my husband, and I decided to make the nursery for this baby as green as we could and repurpose as many items as we can.

Buying Used and Repurposed Cribs

Crib Mobile

If you’re going to buy a used crib, make sure it’s a safe one. Some drop-side cribs and older crib models have bars that are too far apart. It’s easy to do your research on a crib model online to see if it’s been recalled. If in doubt, move on to another crib – there are a lot of deals out there.

You Don’t Have to Buy a Crib Mobile

Crib Mobile

My best friend made me a DIY crib mobile that I currently can’t stop looking at. She printed out black and white butterflies on white cardstock paper. Then colored the wings randomly with blue and purple markers. Last, she cut the butterflies out and glued them down to pieces of a white milk jug. The butterflies show through the white plastic with an almost soft glow. They are heavy enough to balance well but not so heavy they weigh the crib mobile down.

Other DIY Crib Mobile Ideas

Crib Mobile

After the milk jug butterflies, I really wanted to make a few more crib mobiles to stimulate the baby. I thought I’d put one over the changing table and one in front of the window. I looked online and wound up on Pinterest. There are some fabulous ideas there for crib mobiles you can make. Just use baby safe items, make sure there are no small pieces, and obviously hang the mobile high enough to keep out of your baby’s reach. I’ve seen some really cute crib mobiles made out of simple animals shapes made from felt. Another I saw repurposed old CDs and had images on the CD, leaving just a rim of the shiny part showing. It’s eye catching for sure. As long as it’s baby safe and out of reach, there is no limit to what you can create for your baby.

I’m really enjoying putting together a nursery for my coming baby and making it as green as possible. So far I haven’t bought one new thing for the nursery but you honestly can’t tell it, and this is the first time I have really felt like I got to design my baby’s room completely. Would you make your own crib mobile or do you feel it’s too hokey?


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