Cord Blood Donation Can Save a Life

Cord Blood Donation Can Save a Life

Cord blood donation is one of the most remarkable advances in medical technology that has occurred in recent years. The reason that cord blood is so important is because it has the potential to save the life of my child or your’s. Imagine having a beautiful child that seems by all accounts to be perfectly healthy and then learning that the miracle child has a deadly disease only a few years later. By banking the child’s cord blood at birth, it may be possible for doctors to utilize that cord blood to create stem cells for the child that can stop the disease in its tracks. Sometimes, this is the only difference between life and death.

Why I Chose Cord Blood Donation

Cord Blood Donation

I cannot imagine choosing not to have the cord blood of my children stored. My children are my greatest accomplishment, and the most devastating thing that I could ever imagine would be to have one of them contract a disease such as cancer or for it to be discovered that one of my children has a serious heart defect which may mean certain death unless aggressive medical intervention is able to remedy the situation. That is why I chose to have the cord blood stored from each of my children. It is essentially like an extra insurance policy, but it is so much more. It has the potential to give me my child back if something goes wrong and that is something that a price can never be placed upon.

Think About It

Cord Blood Donation

You no doubt feel the same about your children and you only want the best for them. That is why it is so important to have cord blood stored. Sometimes it literally has the potential to make the difference between a child becoming well again and growing up to live a complete and full life and mourning the child at their funeral. I don’t say these things to be dramatic, but instead to drive home the point that cord blood storage is so vitally important.

Cord Blood Donation Can Cure Diseases

Cord Blood Donation

In addition to the diseases that can be successfully dealt with today, cord blood banks are constantly doing research in order to be able to handle other types of diseases in the future. Who knows what all the possibilities are? The one thing I am certain of is that I do not want to risk the health and the future of my children on not getting the cord blood stored. I just wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did that and then something happened. I see it as my job as their mother to protect them, just as you do for your own children and as such I have to do everything in my power to ensure that this goal is accomplished.

You Can Help Others

Besides, the cord blood that has been stored can sometimes save the life of someone else in the family in exactly the same way that it can save the life of my child. It is just far too important to pass up. Originally, I was on the fence about banking my baby’s cord blood with a service. However, after reading a few of the stories where that decision literally saved the life of a child, in one case through the regeneration of cells lost in a blood marrow procedure to fight cancer, I couldn’t risk not having that option.

I can’t imagine having insurance on my home and having an insurance policy on my automobile and not getting the cord blood from my children stored. It is more important than any other type of insurance policy that you could ever have. Plus, there may be an opportunity to help someone else just through the simple act of cord blood donation. If you haven’t already, please consider it for your child, it’s an investment worth making.


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