Fun Coed Baby Shower Games to Try

Fun Coed Baby Shower Games to Try

Overall, baby showers historically are a women’s event in which the mom-to-be often spends an afternoon of fun and games with her best friends and female family members. Men often are not a part of the fun unless they are playing a special role in the shower. It is now the 21st century and times are rapidly changing. Men are starting to attend showers to support the father-to-be, and to help him escape from the group of cackling, oohing and ahhing women who have invaded his home. Baby showers do not have to be a boring event for men. In fact, men can have just as much fun at a baby shower as women do. I have provided a few coed baby shower games that the guys will love. Unless you have a guy who does not like playing carnival games, the special men in your lives should have a blast.

My Top Coed Baby Shower Games that Guys Love:

The Balloon Baby

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The supply list for this game is very simple; you just need a bag of balloons. Assemble your guests into even-numbered teams such as teams of four or six and give each group one balloon. Next, start playing a song, have each team chose one person to blow up their balloon, and put it under their shirt like a baby bump. The object of the game is to have each team member with a fake baby bump to use their baby bump to try to make the other team member’s baby bump pop first before the song ends. Each team member will have a chance to play, the team that pops the most balloons wins. Make sure you have plenty of open space when playing this game to prevent mishaps.

The Egg Game

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This is another fun and easy baby shower game. Give each of your guests a colorful decorated egg upon their arrival, and explain to them that it will be their duty to watch over their egg at all times. Anyone who leaves their egg unattended can lose it another guest who picks it up. At the end of the day, the guest who has the maximum number of eggs wins.

Craving Fun

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This unique baby shower game is sure to get you and your guests rolling over with laughter. In this game, the hosts of the baby shower sit on a chair or a sofa, with two separate boxes titled Team A, and Team B. Next, the hosts will randomly call out objects that they are ‘craving’ such as a napkin or a fork, and the members of both the teams will have to find the object and place it in their team’s box before the other team does. The fun part of the game is that the hosts get to call out anything that comes to mind and watch their guests scramble all over the house to find the items for their box. Anything and everything goes, depending on the size of your boxes.

Spin the Baby Bottle

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If you are holding out on telling the sex of your baby, you will love the game that I created called “Spin the Baby Bottle”. At the beginning of the game, you will ask everyone to place the month and day of their birthday (not the year), and if they are a boy or girl on a piece of paper. You will include a piece of paper with the month and day of your due date along with the baby’s sex. Place the pieces of paper in a container. Each player will spin the baby bottle, the person the baby bottle lands on will have the opportunity to pull a piece of paper from the container and gets the first guess on who’s birthday they pulled.

If they cannot guess it, everyone else gets a try. Whoever guesses the birthday keeps the piece of paper, the person with the most pieces of papers wins. The fun starts with the pieces of papers that no one guessed. The people who no one guessed will share their birthdays as they are announced. You can have as much fun as you would like when you get down to the piece of paper you put into the pile, be sure to include your birthday so the only possible answer is your baby.

Create Your Own Coed Baby Shower Game

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If you loved my made-up coed baby shower game, it is very simple to create your own game as well. The important thing is to be creative, do not limit yourself to just a couple of ideas. Pull from game concepts like spin-the-bottle. Your co-ed baby shower games included with my ideas can make for one of the best baby showers you have ever had.


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