Using Diaper Cloth: DIY Your Own Cloth Diapers

Using Diaper Cloth: DIY Your Own Cloth Diapers

Once you get into the grove for using cloth diapers, you wonder why you ever used disposables. My baby was so much more comfortable and I have to admit, I felt better putting diaper cloth on her body. I didn’t want to keep wrapping my baby’s cute little posterior in plastic. Now, my sewing skills fall on the extremely shallow end of the talent pool, but I have managed to make my own diapers and it’s easy. The best part is that you can make diapers that actually fit your baby as she grows. The pattern I am going to show you below will fit from roughly a 3-month old to a 3-year old.

Types of Diaper Cloth

Cloth Diapers

You can use any cotton fabric of your choosing, that’s the beautiful part. Get some cute patterns, animals, sports team logos, whatever you want. I have used light baby flannel, organic cotton, and also fabric made from bamboo. All of them make outstanding diapers. The only other thing you’ll need is PUL. Also known as Polyurethane Laminate. this is the lovely fabric that keeps wicks the moisture away from your baby. It will serve as a lining of your cloth diaper.

Finding Deals on Diaper Cloth

Cloth Diapers

Now you can spend as much or as little as you want on your cloth diapers. I bought some extremely cute cotton fabric on sale at a local fabric store and I also bought some very expensive organic cotton fabric at an outlet online. Once made into diapers, you honestly cannot tell the difference between the two. They are both soft, wear well, and come out of the washer ready to use again. I highly recommend searching online for for “diaper cloth” or “buy diaper cloth” that’s how I found some of the best deals online for buying material to make diapers.

DIY Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Making your own diapers is so easy, and I cannot believe I am even saying that. I found a few outlets online that had free patterns, but for someone like me that doesn’t really sew and I don’t really know what “across the grain” means when you’re talking about fabric, this website was the easiest for me to follow : There is a downloadable .pdf file there and you can use it to make your own diapers that fit and have light eleastic in the legs. Her tutorial is great because I’m a woman that needs images to follow along with those instructions.

Caring for Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

If you’ve been doing cloth diapers for a while, you know you can either use a “wet” system or a “dry” system for your diapers. Both work really well. With a dry system your soiled diapers just go into the pail and dont’ soak in any solution. I personally use a nylon diaper pail liner bag and a solution of water, vinegar and baking soda. Then when I have a small load of diapers, I just toss them bag and all into the washer and they come out good as new.

Making your own diapers is easy. Use the information I gave you and resources above for obtaining good deals on diaper cloth and also a free pattern. If you’re on the fence about making your own diapers, look over that pattern for making your own diapers and total up how much you spend per month in disposables. After you make a set of diapers, you’re done. That set of diapers is all you need.


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