What Do You Think of Using a Cloth Diaper Cover?

What Do You Think of Using a Cloth Diaper Cover?

I’m a new parent, I decided I wanted to buck the tradition in my family and use cloth diapers with my baby. Trouble is I really didn’t know very much about using cloth diapers. Neither my mother nor my sisters used them, and I had to laugh at myself when I found out you needed a cloth diaper cover too. I have no idea why I hadn’t made the connection that a cloth diaper would also need to be covered to stop any leakage. One thing I discovered quickly about using a diaper cover, there are a lot of choices.

Types of Synthetic Fabrics Used in a Cloth Diaper Cover

Cloth Diaper Cover

There are a lot of different fabric options for your diaper covers. The most common type of lining I ran across was Polyurethane Laminate, also known as PUL. On a diaper cover made with this, your outside will be soft cloth and the inside lined with PUL. While this is one of the most durable options and will withstand a lot of washings, I have read some babies are sensitive to PUL, which made it a choice I didn’t make. Another type of fabric is nylon. The nylon diaper covers were thin but again, it doesn’t let your baby’s skin breathe, and there may be skin sensitivity.

Natural Fabric Cloth Diaper Cover Types

Cloth Diaper Cover

My husband and I are trying to be greener parents. We are working on cooking as much as we can from scratch, making baby food, and so I was thrilled to find there are choices for diaper covers in natural fibers. I couldn’t stop thinking how itchy a wool diaper cover would be, and I never stopped to look at them. I have found cloth diaper covers made from bamboo, a very sustainable fabric that is as soft and breathable as cotton. Like wool, it cotton or bamboo will wick any moisture that happens away from your baby’s skin, however once saturated, it will leak. I find since I change my baby frequently, it’s no big deal and only rarely do we have a little leakage.

Many Types of Covers to Choose From

Cloth Diaper Cover

Once you narrow down the type of fabric you want to use, you will need to find a style of diaper clover that appeals to your personal taste. There are wrap style covers, they tend to fit the suggest in my experience. Basically, the name says it all. It just wraps around the diaper and most fasten in the front. Many of them have leg gussets that help to hold any moisture that happens inside the diaper.

Side-Snap Covers

Cloth Diaper Cover

Another popular style of cover is the side-snap. This type of cover tends to be a little thicker and heavier than the wrap style covers. They close on the side using little snaps. My baby is a large baby and her thighs get marks from diaper covers with elastic around the leg holes. I really like the fact I can adjust this type of diaper cover to fit just by unsnapping a snap on the legs and giving her more wiggle room without compromising wetness protection.

Pull-On Diaper Covers

Don’t want to deal with a wrap or a snap? Then the pull-on style of diaper cover is for you. This is ideal to use with pre-folded diapers. You just pull them on, they have light elastic around the waist and legs. There are two main types I’ve seen in this style. One is long and fully covers your baby’s legs, the other is shorter more like a traditional diaper cover.

I hope my breakdown of different fabric choices and styles helps you to make a choice in a cloth diaper cover. I’ve learned a lot in the short time I’ve been using them, and at this point, I’d never use disposable diapers.


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