Cheap Baby Shower Invitations That Do Not Look Cheap

Cheap Baby Shower Invitations That Do Not Look Cheap

Hosting a baby shower can be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of great baby shower invitations. Sure, they look beautiful, but it is not always necessary to break the budget to score lovely invitations that everyone will be talking about. There are ways to create cheap baby shower invitations that you will be proud of, and your guests will be impressed by. Cheap baby shower invitations do not have to look cheap. I have several creative ideas to help you get the best deal on baby shower invitations.

Crafty and Cheap Baby Shower Invitations

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You do not have to be a craft master in order to create beautiful baby shower invitations that invitees will love. Visit your local craft store to get ideas. There are also sites like that will ship craft tutorials along with the supplies that you need to make a craft. When you browse the shelves, or online stores, pay close attention to the card-making section, or the scrapbooking section.

A scrapbook-style, baby shower invitation, is fun to make and is a great way to get your guest of honor involved in the baby shower process. You can create a pre-party situation in which the guest of honor and her family come together with their photos, to help create mini-scrapbook invitations. Not only will the invitations make for great keepsakes, your guest of honor will appreciate the experience.

You will need to purchase cardstock and scrapbooking accessories, such as picture borders. Adding copies of the ultrasound photos is another wonderful way to introduce the little one to everybody. Another great idea is to create a baby shower invitation that reveals the sex of the baby. This is a fun way to start the spirit of surprises to come during the baby shower. This is especially effective if you have a bigger reveal to make at the shower, such as you are having twins.
Hunt for Cheap Baby Shower Invitations Bargains

If you are not crafty, or feel like you will not have the time or the desire to make your own cheap baby shower invitations, you should consider shopping sales. Many baby shower invitations have a specific theme; however, a theme is not entirely necessary for your event. Maybe you prefer something understated and neutral because you do not know the sex of the baby yet. Often, if you browse stores that sell baby shower invitations, you will be able to find the last season’s invitations on sale. Do not forget to consider promotional codes when shopping online. Many retailers that sell personalized baby shower invitations offer promotional codes just for joining their site when you are a brand new visitor.

Consider Photo Websites

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In some cases, photo websites such as offer baby shower invitations and have the cheapest rates. You can often send the invitations online or print them out. Photo websites allow you to upload your photos and then create special gifts such as card with them. Even if the site does not offer baby shower templates; you can easily create your own by changing the wording on the card. This is a great way to display your creativity, and send baby shower invitations that your guests will want to keepsake.

Use Your Computer

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Now you have a reason to put the fancy, do-it-all printer that you almost never use to work. If graphic design is one of your skills, you can easily create wonderful baby shower invitations that everyone is sure to love. Do not be afraid to advertise your ability by creating the baby shower invitations yourself. This is a great way to generate new business, while spreading the word about your skill level. Your guest of honor and guests will not mind, once they lay their eyes on the adorable invitations that you made. Besides, everyone will know you made the baby shower invitations in love; just as much as the famed baker of your group made the brownies in love too.
There are many ideas that you can use to make the perfect, cheap, baby shower invitations that do not look or feel cheap to anyone. In my experience, your homemade baby shower invitations will get a better response than anything you can buy.


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