Fabulous, Crafty Ideas for Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Fabulous, Crafty Ideas for Cheap Baby Shower Favors

You have finished planning your baby shower and sending the invites; now it is time to plan the gifts and favors. If you are working on a budget, or are looking to add a personal touch to your baby shower favors, you have come to the right place. I have amazing and creative ideas to whip up cheap baby shower favors quickly, at a fraction of the price you would pay in stores. What could be more fascinating than handmade favors that your guests will never forget?

Fantastic and Yummy Chocolate Cheap Baby Shower Favors

 Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Bring out the molds and the wrapping paper. If you know how to make delicious chocolate or fudge, now is the time to use your expertise. Terrific molds are generally easy to find for baby shower favors. If you have a bit of artist flair, you can use candy paint to create picture perfect chocolates that everyone will love. After all, what woman does not love chocolate? Not to mention, what woman does not love tasty chocolates wrapped up in a beautiful presentation?

Sweet Goodies

 Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Its celebration time, make your guests feel the sweetness of the moment with sweet baby shower favors that you can make in no time. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

1. Cookie Jars

My idea of a cookie jar is not the cookie jar that you are accustomed to. This creative cookie jar contains the dry ingredients that your guests will need to make delicious cookies at home. This is a great and sneaky way to share your favorite recipe without actually giving your secret away. To give you an example of one of my favorite cookie recipes and how the jar is presented I will give you a mental picture of what the cookie jar would look like and how to put it together.

1. Buy a box of small, nifty jars.
2. Measure out all your dry ingredients.
3. Funnel the ingredients such as sugar and flour into the jar in layers.
4. Layer your hard and dry ingredients into the jar
5. Create a handwritten label for the top, listing wet ingredients to add, the temperature, and cooking time.

To complete the favor, attach small cookie cutters to the jar by a piece of fancy, gold string, key ring style. When you create fantastic, over-the-top favors like this one, you do not have to bring several favors to the party; everyone will be amazed and appreciate the time and effort you put into the baby shower.

2. Fancy Treat Bags

 Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Another creative idea would be to pick up small, cute, and colorful containers, boxes, and wrapping paper from your local craft store, and fill them up with mints, candies, and tiny chocolates. Add the treats to a snazzy gift bag to complete the look. Congratulations, you have just created all the favors you need for the baby shower, in combination with the cookie jars.

Luxurious and Tiny Pampering Baskets

 Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Buy fragrant essential oils, soap-making essentials, and other accessories for a luxurious soap-making session. There are several, simple soap-making recipes online that will help you get creative with the shapes and fragrances. Once you have finished, wrap them up in individual clear wraps, tie them with a glittery ribbon, and add them to a tiny basket. For an extra special touch, add a lip balm and a container of Shea butter for pure bliss.

Coffee Lovers

 Cheap Baby Shower Favors

Coffee and favors are a sure hit when it comes to baby showers- they are so versatile and easy to make. Just purchase a few exotic tea bags and coffee powder samples from your local supermarket, and pack them in individual sachets making them perfect for a one-time use. Once they are packed, decorate them with satin bows, or flower sequins.

Other Cheap Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Now that we have covered several easy-to-make baby shower favors, it is time for you to explore a bit. You can look up websites and Pinterest for more inspiration for creating great baby shower favors that your guests will love. You could put together great handkerchiefs will colorful trims, or experiment with different fabrics and create a cool bag or a handmade clutch.

Remember, there is no rule of the thumb when it comes to creating baby shower favors. Just keep it simple and do it with love, your guests will love them for sure and will have no idea that you consider them cheap baby shower favors.


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