Where to Buy Cheap Boots That Aren’t Cheap

Where to Buy Cheap Boots That Aren’t Cheap

I am a Mom with 4 kids that make me feel like I am getting shoes for a centipede sometimes with the way their feet grow. Even though my husband and I both work, we don’t have a lot of expendable income, so it set me off on the search for how and where to buy cheap boots for the family that don’t look cheap. As I have been looking and visiting online, I made a list and I wanted to share it with you.

Where to Buy Cheap Boots Online

Buy Cheap Boots

I think we can all agree we have heard of Payless Shoes and Shoe Carnival. Those are great places to go online and I highly recommend them. I also have another place I love to visit called Sheikh Shoes. They carry shoes for men, women, and children. They offer free shipping if you buy over a certain threshold on their site. Another online store that you may not have visited before that has great prices for boots especially is Go Jane. They only have women’s shoes here but their mark downs on prices should not be missed.

Where to Buy Cheap Boots for Kids

Buy Cheap Boots

There are a few places I like to look for shoes and boots for the kids. The first is 6PM. You can get a large number of styles and also enjoy their mark downs on their items. If you like to get your kids name brand designer shoes, and I admit, I like to when I can find them within my budge, then DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is for you. They carry shoes for the whole family, but they have a fantastic selection for kids, especially in boots.

Another Online Source for Cheap Boots

Buy Cheap Boots

One outlet you shouldn’t forget is Ebay. I have found some awesome deals there for shoes and also clothing for the kids, many of it new with tags. I got my youngest son a pair of snow boots that were new in the box, for $5 plus shipping. If you’re willing to look through items, you can find some killer deals on some of the auctions. I know there are some horror stories of sellers taking money and never shipping, but I have never had anything but a good experience on Ebay.

How to Buy Cheap Boots for Even Less

Buy Cheap Boots

Before you go shopping online, you can search Google or your favorite search engine for online discounts. Put in your favorite short and then “coupon code” or “discount” and see what you come up with. Another way to save is to join a mailing list for shoes stores you either already use or may use in the future. That way when one of these stores is having an overstock sale or Payless is throwing one of their famous BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales, you’ll get the head’s up about it in your email box.

Give and Take

Buy Cheap Boots

Once or twice a year I go through all my kids’ clothes and shoes to pack up everything that doesn’t fit. I then put an ad on FreeCycle.org (there’s one near you), and give them away. The idea of FreeCycle is to recycle things you don’t need, for free. I have gotten a few items I needed over the years from other FreeCyclers, but I really enjoy giving the gently worn clothing from my kids to someone that else that can use them and pass them on. Check out FreeCycle if you aren’t already a member.

That’s my list of places to hit up online to find deals on cheap boots for the whole family. Since my kids are all needing new shoes because their little feet aren’t so little anymore, the necessity of quality with a great price is a must. If you have some places you love to shop online for yourself or your family, leave it in the comments, I’d love to add places to my list.


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