Where to Buy Boots With a Wide Calf

Where to Buy Boots With a Wide Calf

Before I get to the point of this post, telling you were to buy boots with a wide calf, let me tell you how my own journey to find boots like that started. After the birth of my 4th child, I have to admit, I had put on weight. I have tried everything and I never lose a pound. I feel like I”m a great Mommy and I make sure my family has nutritious meals, but as far as being able to stick to a diet for myself, I always blow it no matter how motivated I am.

Why I Began the Search for Wide Calf Boots

Boots With a Wide Calf

I decided to just embrace my size 24 body. My husband loves me for me, as he tells me often, and I will just try to work out every day and if I happen to lose weight, so be it. Then, I decided to boost my self esteem I would begin dressing a little better. I hate admit it but my daily wear had become t-shirts and sweat pants.

Where to Buy Boots Online

Boots With a Wide Calf

I wasn’t having much luck locally, so I decided to shop online for a boot that would comfortably fit my calf. I expected to have as dismal of a time online as I had locally, and I was shocked. There were a very good number of choices for wide calf boots. I literally used the search phrase “Buy Boots With a Wide Calf” in Google and then clicked on “Shopping” and I received a lot of results.

First Stop: Zappos.com

Boots With a Wide Calf

I thought I couldn’t go wrong with Zappos. I have bought other shoes from them online over the years, and even the one time I had to return a pair of heels that just weren’t working out for me, they were so nice about it. So I had real confidence shopping with them. They had some really gorgeous boots and I was able to search just for boots with a wide calf and narrow down to the styles I wanted that would fit me. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a pair of boots only to find they don’t really come in a cut to fit your leg after all.

Where to Buy Boots Online in Hot Styles

Boots With a Wide Calf

Because of work and conflicting schedules, my husband and I don’t get a lot of chances to dress up and go out very often. When we do get the chance, I love to dress to the nines, and some of my favorite boots and shoes have come from Torrid. This is a place that has a lot of plus size clothing and wide width shoes and boots. It was easy to find items that would fit me there.

Once I decided to embrace who I was physically, my husband said it was like a light came on inside me. I stopped being self conscious, I stopped wishing I were a size 4, and most of all, I stopped worrying if people accepted me or not. I just am who I am, and if the fact I’m a large woman puts you off, I can’t let that bother me. There’s no reason for any woman, big or small, to never feel like she’s a beautiful person. It starts with loving yourself enough to take care of yourself, dress nice for yourself, from your head to your toes. I hope this post helped you find where to buy boots online, if you have a favorite place, leave it in the comments, I’d love to hear it. So dont be scar to by Buy Boots With a Wide Calf.


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