Brown Boots for Women with Wide Feet

Brown Boots for Women with Wide Feet

Think brown boots for women are dull and boring? Never! There are so many nuances in style. If you take the same basic style of brown boot, just the heel height can make a difference in those boots. The higher the heel, the more that boot is for play instead of casual wear. Personally, I love having a few different heel heights in my boots to choose from and after having 3 children, I don’t know entirely what the reason is, my feet are wider and now require more space. I jokingly refer to this as “Mommy-Foot.” I find it’s not easy to find great looking boots for a wider foot so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite styles.

Brown Boots for Women in a Riding Boot Style

Brown Boots for Women

I have wanted a pair of riding boots for the last few years. However, the problem I have run into over and over, is the toe of the boot was too thin for my now wider foot. It’s been frustrating to say the least. I was really happy to find the Lifestride Xibit style riding boot. I’m not a flashy person so I wanted a boot style that wasn’t frumpy but not too trendy. I wanted a style that I could rely on to be a classic for at least the next few years. So when I wore the same pair of boots to Thanksgiving two years in a row, my fashionista sister didn’t look at me and roll her eyes saying, “OMG those are so last year.” Believe me, it’s happened.

Shooties Make Wide Feet Look Thinner

Brown Boots for Women

When I was chatting with another Mom about my “Mommy-Foot” thing I have going on, she told me to look into “shooties.” I honestly was clueless as to what she was talking about. She explained that it’s all the best things about a boot and a shoe in one fabulous piece of footwear. So I started looking for a pair and I did find a pair I loved in a wider width. The pair I wound up loving was a pair of Hush Puppies with a cute wedge heel, they are so comfortable.

Brown Boots for Women with a Heel

Brown Boots for Women

I wanted to own one pair of sexy boots. I mean drop-dead gorgeous, feminine boots. Good luck finding that in a wide width, until I discovered the Discount Women’s Dress Shoes online store. They don’t always carry the same brands in stock so you have to check in often, but I got my dream boots and recently found another pair of calf-high boots with a heel in my width I may get in the near future.

Boots to Wear Every Day

Brown Boots for Women

Especially in the colder months, I like to wear boots every day. I do a lot of walking every day between my job and my kids, so a high heel isn’t for me. I also want a pair of boots that is comfortable, fits my needs for a wider boot toe, and looks good. The Naturalizer brand has been one of my favorites for casual footwear, I had never even considered them for boots but they had the perfect pair for me.

Did you find your next pair of boots? I know I found mine researching this blog post. As you can see, brown boots for women who need a wider boot width don’t have to be all the same. There is a lot of diversity in styles to be found.


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