Bronzing Baby Shoes

Bronzing Baby Shoes

Bronzing baby shoes has been around as a way to preserve memories for generations. If you want to get your baby’s shoes bronzed, you’ll have two basic choices. You can either send the shoes out to a service and have it done, or you can choose to do the bronzing yourself. It’s a fun project that turns into a hobby for many people. You can also bronze other items such as ballet shoes to have a lasting memory.

Materials for Bronzing Baby Shoes

Bronzing Baby Shoes

You don’t need much for making your own bronzed baby shoes. Plaster for filling the shoes Cotton swabs Denatured alcohol Rubber cement to hold laces in place prior to bronzing Black spray paint Bronzing kit or bronzing powder available at most craft stores Fast-drying varnish Wire or string Paintbrush Rubber bands

Prep Your Baby Shoes

Bronzing Baby Shoes

In the sole of the shoe, make a small hole that you can run a wire or thin piece of twine through. This will be used for hanging up the bronzed baby shoe for drying. Mix the plaster according to directions and fill each show to within 1/2-inch of the top of each shoe. This will add weight to your finished bronze shoes. Make sure the tongues in your baby shoes are perfectly straight and in the middle of the shoe. Otherwise plaster can leak out of the front of the baby shoe on one side or the other. Wait 24-48 hours for the plaster to completely set before moving ahead with bronzing.

Cleaning the Baby Shoes

Bronzing Baby Shoes

Using the denatured alcohol and cotton swabs, clean all the dirt off the baby shoes. The bronzing process will adhere much better to a clean surface. If the baby shoes that you’re bronzing have laces, you may want to remove them and wash them separately. Wait until both the shoes and laces are completely dry before you replace replace the laces in the baby shoes.

Setting Up the Shoes for Bronzing

Bronzing Baby Shoes

Replace the laces in the baby shoes and tie them as you wish. You can hold them in place with an application of rubber cement. Use rubber bands to hold down the laces in place as the glue dries.

It’s Time for Bronzing Baby Shoes

Bronzing Baby Shoes

The bronzing kit will usually have two things you need to mix together. Bronzing powder and a type of varnish. Mix these two together until they have a consistency of a thick batter. Using your paint brush, paint the shoes paying special attention to creases in the baby shoes. The bronzing powder is heavy and may separate from the varnish while you’re painting sinking to the bottom. Stir your mixture every so often as you’re painting and this should not be an issue for you. Once you’re done, pick up by the wire or string, and hang to dry.

Check Your Bronzing

Bronzing Baby Shoes

Once your first application is dry, go over the shoes and anywhere that shoes up as a dull spot will need further application of the bronzing powder mixture. Once you’re happy with the bronzing and any applications you’ve put on the baby shoes are dry, you can get an antique-look by spraying the shoes with black spray paint, and then wiping off quickly leaving the black paint in the creases of the shoes. Bronzing baby shoes makes a beautiful memory for your family, or a great gift to give someone. Another place to find discount bronzing powder online is at Ebay. There are several sellers there that carry bronzing powder, also full bronzing kits. It’s not difficult to do, and you may just find yourself a fun, new hobby.


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