Thinking Of Buying A Bloom Alma Crib

Thinking Of Buying A Bloom Alma Crib

Recently, my wife and I found out that we are expecting our first baby and we are having a difficult time deciding on what to get for the nursery. I know that one of the most important things that we have to look for is a crib. We realize that this is a big purchase, and we want to set the tone for the nursery without having to compromise on features or safety. After all, this is where our little guy or girl will be spending a considerable portion of their time as they sleep, so I want to make sure that we pick out something perfect.

While I was looking around, I have been thinking about the Bloom Alma crib design. I wanted to make sure that I chose a piece of furniture for the nursery that was not on any sort of recall list, and I need to make sure that the rails and design are flawless. I actually have some friends and relatives that will buy second hand cribs to use for their babies and then end up having to replace some of the rails or damaged locking mechanisms. Instead of going through all of that, I realize that it is just better off to invest in a quality crib right from the beginning.

Pricing Your Crib

Bloom Alma Crib

When it comes to pricing, I fully realize that expensive never really means that it is a better piece of furniture. I know that stronger wood along with different designs or materials that are environmentally friendly will jack up the price a bit. However, there is no reason why you should have to compromise safety for style when it comes to anything that you need to buy to take care of your precious baby. As my wife and I looked further into the Bloom Alma crib collection, we were pretty pleased overall with everything that we found.

The Bloom Baby Alma Urban Folding Crib

I just think this crib is really cool all around. Because it is designed to fit into smaller spaces, you can easily bring it from one room to the next. There is a neat folding system that is quite easy for parents to use. A lot of the parents who have this folding crib like to use it as a spare crib for travel or as a co-sleeper when they want to have baby close.

What About the Crib Mattress?

Bloom Alma Crib

When it comes to the mattress, you can outfit it with the Bloom Coco that is usually sold separately. You also have the ability to position the mattress at two different heights, so you are basically getting a cradle along with a folding bed all in one convenient design. Oh, and it also comes in a variety of colors to make my wife happy when it comes to designing the nursery.

The Bloom Alma Papa Crib

Bloom Alma Crib

This is a crib that still carries the smaller design that Alma is known for, yet it is a choice that is going to allow your baby plenty of room to sleep at night. A lot of parents have been able to use this Bloom Alma crib for their children up until the time that they reach four years of age. The locking casters make it easy to bring this design from room to room, and there is even a storage bag that comes along with it, so it is easy to store or take along with you on trips.

Because this is a sleek, well planned out design, the color choices are also quite minimally chic with choices in coconut white, cappuccino and frost grey. Just right for the trendy baby nursery. Shopping for a crib has never been easier since we found the pieces that are available in the Baby Bloom Alma crib line.



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