Top 5 Cord Blood Bank Reviews

Top 5 Cord Blood Bank Reviews

Many people choose to use cord blood as a means of ensuring that they will be able to combat some of the most serious diseases that may someday attack their child or someone else in the family. This was my reason for banking my baby’s cord blood. The importance of cord blood simply cannot be overstated, as it frequently provides virtually the only means to combat serious and even deadly diseases that my child may contract at a later date. It essentially allows the injection of the cord blood back into the body for the purpose of creating stem cells in order to combat the disease. In addition, cord blood from my child may be able to do the exact same thing for other members of my family. However, it is vitally important that something that is so intricate to health and to life itself not be handled by just anyone. Below are  five of the top cord blood bank Reviews facilities in the country.

1) Cord Blood Registry

Blood Bank Reviews

This particular cord blood bank is the largest in the United States. It undoubtedly also has more experience than virtually any other bank, because it has produced more cord blood kits than virtually anyone else. In fact, the agency has a 99% customer satisfaction rate, which means a lot to me and my family and undoubtedly means a lot to your family as well. Perhaps most importantly, it is an accredited agency. Not all cord blood banks are accredited and receiving accreditation means that they meet strict standards and guidelines. The initial cost with this particular agency is approximately $1,995. This is the cost that is associated with registering and getting the kit. The yearly cost that the agency charges to maintain and store the cord blood is very reasonable, costing approximately $130 each year.

2) Cord Blood Solutions

Blood Bank Reviews

This particular agency is also accredited and has an initial cost of about $1,795. One of the things that really sets it apart from many other cord blood banks is that it is exclusively owned and operated by medical doctors. It is also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can get information and have your questions answered at any time of day. It will cost you about $125 each year to have the cord blood stored here.

3) LifeBank USA

Blood Bank Reviews

The facility is accredited and it allows for cord blood to be stored but also for blood from the placenta as well as placenta tissue to be stored. The idea here is to maximize the potential that any medical problems that arise in the future can be successfully dealt with through the cord blood agency. The initial cost at the facility is $1,900 and the yearly storage fee is $125.

4) LifeLine Cryogenics

Blood Bank Reviews

This facility focuses on convenience because it allows people that are expecting to give birth to purchase kits that can be used for either a vaginal birth or for a c-section birth. The kits can then be returned to the blood bank in order to be stored. The facility has been in business since 2002 and it is accredited. The initial cost to purchase kits and register with the facility is $1,350 and the yearly storage fee is $115.

5) ViaCord

Blood Bank Reviews

This facility is a frontrunner in cord blood research in addition to providing cord blood storage. It constantly strives to conduct additional research in order to find new ways to treat diseases using cord blood. It has been doing this since 1993 and is also credited. It will cost you about $2,250 to get started with this particular facility and then an additional $125 each year for the storage cost.

When you consider all of the facts about how important finding the right cord blood bank really is, it is easy to understand why so many people want to do cord blood storage but become stressed over finding the right facility. I know I only want the best for my child and the rest of my family, and you no doubt want the exact same thing. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you can choose which facility to use based on the things are most important to you.I hope that my Blood Bank Reviews was helpul.


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