Is the Best Pack and Play the Most Expensive?

Is the Best Pack and Play the Most Expensive?

I’m married to a man I dearly love, but he is also one of those people that has to buy the most expensive item. It has never been more appearant than now when we are expecting our first child. While I was pouring over safety reports, consumer reviews about cribs, and joining all the new parent forums I could fine and talking to parent, my husband was looking at prices. He went to Amazon, sorted by price highest to lowest and bought the first crib at the top. I know he meant well, and when the crib was delivered I was delighted. Then when I started asking if it had this safety feature or that feature, his answer was, “I would assume so.” I realized he has just gone and bought the most expensive crib he could get and assumed it was top notch. I’m due in less than a month so we started putting together the nursery this past weekend, guess what didn’t work? Yep, the new crib. The only instructions we got with the crib came in another language with the worst line drawings. And then we realized we didn’t have all the parts. After I made arrangements to return the crib, I bought the original crib I actually wanted and it arrived yesterday, and was up and in the nursery in less than two hours. Now we are having the same head-butting over which is the best pack and play for our baby.

His Choice of the Best Pack and Play

Best Pack and Play

So now we’re at the same stand off. I want a pack and play playard for our baby and he just wants to buy something. I have looked at a lot of models and companies and I know the features I want and need. I realize we may not travel as much as we do now after our son arrives, but I know we will never be a family that just stays home. I’ve ready how much more useful a pack and play is than just a regular travel crib and it’s the way I want to go. The pack and play system my hubby wants is so much more than I want. It’s the Silhouette style from Graco and it has not only the playard, but a changing table, a music and light show installed, diaper stacker area, and storage compartments. It’s just so much stuff I don’t feel I’ll ever use.

My Choice for Best Pack and Play

Best Pack and Play

I wanted something far more simple. I don’t plan on my baby spending too much time in the playard, so I wanted something a little more simple that we would use occasionally in the home and if we travel or even go stay with either his or my parents for the weekend. We will have an easy way to set up a cozy and safe place for our baby to sleep. The Joovy Room Portable Playard is simple and fits what I feel are our actual needs. But I guess hubby and I have a lot more discussing to do.

Right Now It’s a Stand Off

Best Pack and Play

We tried discussing our mutual wants for the playard, my husband isn’t budging on his opinion we really need all this extra stuff for the baby. There’s no point using the “my choice is a better deal” argument because it’s not swaying him one bit. I’m not sure what to do.

OMG He Ordered It

Best Pack and Play

It’s about five hours later and maybe I’m hormonal because of my pregnancy but I’m just livid. We agreed to pick up our discussion of the pack and play tomorrow and my husband just came in smiling telling me he went ahead and bought the playard he picked out. I feel so unheard right now. I was afraid I would just say a bunch of venting so I said nothing for right now. I guess I’ll wait for the playard to get here.

I can’t believe my husband and were bumping heads over the best pack and play. After I took some time away from the situation to think, I decided I’m just going to let this be like the crib situation. When the Silhouette gets here, I’ll set it up, and see how thrilling it actually is. I may wind up keeping it, I’ll update you in another post how it goes. Would you have handled this situation any different?


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