What are the benefits of using the best belly band?

What are the benefits of using the best belly band?

The best belly band I have ever used

As a mother of 2, I have been pregnant twice, and both times I used the Bella band belly band, to help support my pregnant belly, and an added bonus to using this was it also was made to help keep a pregnant woman’s unbuttoned pants up. The Bella band is a sleeve like belly band, I enjoyed using the Bella band, this product supported and helped me from having to buy new pants that I would only be able to wear for a few months and then have no use for them again until I was to get pregnant again. Being pregnant should be a positive experience for all women and the Bella band is one simple to assist in the most positive experience you should be going through at this time in your life. Having support and a money saving solution to keeping your pants up once you can no longer button them.

When should you start using the Bella band?

best belly band

I personally started using my Bella band when I was just 12 weeks along with both of my children, but really it kind of depends on who the woman is. I used mine that early because I was already starting to show my little baby bump. I felt that the sooner I started using it the better off the rest of my pregnancy would have to be. I used my Bella band all the way through my pregnancy, to ensure I was getting the support I needed in my belly, and I had several pairs of jeans that if they were not buttoned they would fall down, but I had the problem that I could not button them up they would not button, the Bella band was really my only option to keeping my pants up instead of having to place a rubber band around the button and then through the hole and then around the button again, and having a comfortable pregnancy. The Bella band was super comfortable to me, after a while it became a routine for me to put it on it was like another clothing accessory, that I had to put on. It is placed over your pregnant belly, but under your shirt, and over the top of your pants, (the button) the Bella band has been named the best belly band by millions of pregnant women, many of these women will recommend the Bella band to any newly pregnant woman. In my first pregnancy it was important to me to be comfortable, I’m a little over weight, and I have several medical issues and any kind of help in comfort I could get I was not wasting any time abusing that assistance.

Why is the Bella band the best belly band?

best belly band

The Bella band is the best because…. There have been millions of pregnant women and already mothers that have used it and would use it again, the Bella band is the most comfortable, durable, sturdy, and easy to use belly band well for me I loved it and would use it again. After using it through both of my pregnancies I don’t think I would use anything else, if I was to become pregnant again. Of chorus after 2 full pregnancies I would have to buy new one; but I would not change the brand of belly band. I had even used my Bella band for the first couple of months after having my baby, just to help keep my baby belly in and not looking bad, It was helping to smooth out the little bit of belly fat from the pregnancy.

Mother to mother

best belly band

Me being a mother of 2, I swore by this product, it made my pregnancy much more comfortable, and much more tolerable, for me I’m disabled and this really helped take the weight from my belly off a little bit from my hips and legs where the disability lies. I would wear my Bella band lower on my hips to help support them and make them feel more stable. It is a real stability for someone who has hip pain. The Bella band holds your belly up and supports it from becoming too heavy, as your belly grows it becomes heavier this will help keep the heaviness away or at least under control.
Becoming a mother is stressful enough; a pregnant woman does not need all the extra stress of being uncomfortable, while being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong there comes a point in most pregnancies where the uncomfortable ness does not leave the body and nothing can really make you comfortable again. Even though it did not seem to keep me comfortable (my last month or so) I continued use of the Bella band all the way through my pregnancy, I did notice that when I was not wearing it I was less comfortable then when I was wearing it, I did not wear it in bed.


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