The Best Baby Shower Gifts When You Do Not Know What to Get

The Best Baby Shower Gifts When You Do Not Know What to Get

You have known that the day was coming for months now, but today, when you opened the mailbox and you saw the baby shower invitation the illusion that you had time to “figure out” what to give your friend, sister, or loved ONE disappeared. What exactly do I buy for a baby shower gift? You would be surprised to know that you are not the only one who does not know what to get. When you have never had a baby before, it is hard to imagine how to give a gift of thought, and not one that you just happened to see on the way out of the store. The truth is that the best baby shower gifts are the things that parents-to-be will need. Trust me when I say, obscure baby shower gifts are often not used, given away, and even re-gifted.

The Best Baby Shower Gifts You Can Make

Best Baby Shower Gifts

One of the best gifts that you can give an expectant couple is a handmade gift for their baby; this is something that they will hold dear above any other gift that is store brought. A handmade gift is a wonderful way to express your joy and happiness for the couple who are expecting the baby. These handmade gifts often welcome the new little one into the world. These gifts range from anything to a crochet outfit to a knitted blanket. Handmade gifts have their own personal touch, which makes them even more special. Below we have listed some of the best baby shower gifts that you can make quickly.

The Goodies Hamper:

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Anyone who has ever had a baby knows the value of their baby having their own dirty clothes hamper. This obstacle often entangles first time parents up as they decide to “save a little time” by washing the baby’s clothes with their own. They quickly find out the benefit of the separate laundry trips for the baby as they realize they can only find half of the baby’s socks and other pieces of clothing seem to disappear altogether.

A wonderful way to make the laundry hamper a special gift is to dress it up as if it is a big deal. The best type of laundry hamper to buy for a baby is one that is made of cloth and closes at the top. If you can find one that is about the size of a small pillowcase, it is perfect. The purpose of getting a laundry hamper that closes is so that the parents can wash the baby’s socks inside the bag so they do not get lost. The bag can also become a bit smelly over time, as it will host items that have been pooped on, peed on, and spit up on.

Now that you know the purpose of the gift, now it is time to stuff it with goodies like baby socks. Baby socks get lost so easily that parents need them almost as badly as they need diapers. Other essentials that you can add to the bag include t-shirts, bibs, and burp clothes.

The Angel Comes Home Package:

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Often in the midst of all the baby shower excitement, people often forget about the fact that the baby eventually will be coming home for the first time. After a couple of sleepless nights at the hospital, especially if the new mom has a C-section, you often end up with exhausted parents coming home with a baby who will not make catching up on sleep easy. An “Angel Comes Home Package” is almost like giving the parents a virtual vacation. Creating this gift package is a group effort by all baby shower attendees.
This is an awesome gift because everyone pitches in their time and effort to give the new parents at least a week of restful sleep as they settle in with their new little one. Every baby shower attendee will place a coupon in this package stating a date and time, they will be over to cook dinner or take care of the baby while the parents get the privilege of a nap, and more. Brand new parents may not realize the significance of this gift until their first two nights at the hospital; you can expect tears of joy and many thanks for this gift.

Part two of this awesome gift is to add in gift certificates for house cleaning, a personal chef that will cook an in-home romantic dinner for two at a date and time of their choosing. You know how hard it is for a first time mom or any mom to leave their baby. Bring the date to mom and dad while you watch the baby in the home. Depending on how many funds everyone has to contribute, you can even add something as extravagant as a bed and breakfast voucher for a weekend getaway.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Number One Tip:

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Ask the expecting couple if they have a baby shower registry. I hope that my best baby shower gifts tips will help you to create a baby shower experience that the expecting parents will never forget.


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