Santa, Baby’s first Christmas is Here

Santa, Baby’s first Christmas is Here

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Right?!?! The truth is, Christmas has become one of the most stressful times of the year for most folks, especially mommies like you and I! It can be especially overwhelming when you’re a new mommy and it’s your baby’s first ever Christmas. If you’re one of these moms, cast all your anxieties about the upcoming holiday aside, for this blog is all about baby’s 1st Christmas!

Baby’s first Christmas is Mommy’s Easiest Christmas She’ll Ever Shop for.

Babys first ChristmaseI can remember my son, Cooper’s first Christmas like it was yesterday.
I wanted everything to be perfect from his outfit to his gifts to the stories we read and songs we sang to him.
Now here’s the thing I wish someone would have told me back then.
This is probably the only year when it will not matter to your child what you give them for Christmas.
Rather, the gifts you give to your little one this Christmas will mean much more to them when they get older, so it’s okay to buy things that might mean a little more to you than they do to your baby. Heirloom gifts are great for baby’s first Christmas and they are great for starting new family traditions.

I’ve made a list of the Top 10 best gifts for baby’s first Christmas.

1. Locket-I still have my first locket that I received on my first Christmas.
It still has a teeny-tiny picture of my mother and me. Lockets, believe it or not, are fine gifts for both girls and boys.

2. Silver ID bracelet, cuff, or block bracelet- Any of these bracelets are great for boy or girl
and, many times you can have them adjusted to fit the child as they grow.

3. Christmas Pajamas-Pajamas are step one of baby’s Christmas wardrobe.
As I was growing up, we celebrated Christmas with one set of grandparents on Christmas Eve night during which they always gave us grandkids Christmas-themed pajamas, which we all wore to bed that night, of course. For my son’s first Christmas, we bought those vintage red one-piece footie pajamas that come complete with a diaper flap on the butt. We even had the flap monogrammed to read “Cooper’s First Christmas.”

4. Piggy Bank- What better time than now to start teaching your baby how to save her pennies

5. Savings Bond- This goes hand in hand with the piggy bank idea. My grandparents purchased savings bonds for each of their grandchildren every Christmas until we turned eighteen. It may seem impersonal but it’s actually a very loving way to help your child get a head-start on financial freedom one day.

6. Book of Christmas Songs/Poems- This is a wonderful gift you can make yourself. Just put together a scrapbook full of your favorite Christmas poems or songs to sing to your baby. This is another one of those gifts that will be really meaningful one day.

7. Rocking Horse-There is just nothing cuter than a baby on a rocking horse. They are one of those timeless toys that kids from every generation love.

8. Snow Globe- Now I’m not talking about one of those plastic snow globes you buy at the dollar store. I mean a real snow globe that winds up and plays a Christmas tune while fake snow falls around a quaint little scene. Snow globes are like the eighth wonder of the world to a small child.

9. Sock Monkey-What kid doesn’t need a sock monkey?

10. “The Night Before Christmas” illustrated story book. This is another great gift to give(and read) on Christmas Eve. It’s a story everyone is familiar with and a gift that can also be the start of another Christmas tradition for your family.


Speaking of Christmas stories, songs, and poems, there are so many wonderful tunes to start singing to your baby. Perhaps the best song for a baby’s first Christmas is Connie Francis’ appropriately titled lullaby, “Baby’s First Christmas.” If you are looking more traditional tunes to sing to your baby, “Silent Night,” “Away in a Manger,” and “O, Christmas Tree” are beautiful ballads to rock your baby to sleep to on Christmas Eve night. For celebration time, you can dance with your baby to tunes like “Here Comes Santa Claus,” “Frosty, the Snowman,” “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” and “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Stepping into Christmas

So now that you know what to buy your baby for Christmas and what to sing to your baby for Christmas, what does your baby wear for the most wonderful day of the year?
Well, that depends on you and the baby. For my son’s first Christmas, he didn’t have a Christmas outfit, he had a Christmas wardrobe.
As I mention earlier, we gave him a pair of those cute pioneer style red onesie pajamas with the butt flap which he sported during his sleep Christmas Eve night and during Christmas morning breakfast. Now, there is nothing sweeter than seeing a sweet little baby girl in one of those vintage smocked dresses, especially during Christmas. Pair one of those dresses with a winter white cape and a crochet headband, and you have one precious little baby girl. If vintage isn’t your thing, you can also dress her in a Christmas-themed tutu and pair it with a red,green, or white onesie that you can have monogrammed, or if you’re a diy-er, buy Christmas iron-on appliques. You can do the same thing for a boy, just replace the tu-tu with corduroy pants or overalls. Accessories are great too. For girls, pair her outfit with a Christmas headband, a necklace, or bracelet. For boys, add a Christmas bow tie or suspenders to make your little dude the most stylish one at the party.

There’s no doubt that your baby’s first Christmas will be way more memorable and important to you than it is to your baby.
Take advantage of this and use it to start cultivating new traditions with both your newborn baby and your new born family. Don’t get caught up in buying the most expensive baby toys, rather buy gifts that will last a lifetime and beyond.


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