Tips for Choosing Baby Walking Shoes

Tips for Choosing Baby Walking Shoes

With my first child, I was so excited for her to start walking, however as she passed her milestones from rolling over to sitting up, and then pulling up. I knew the time for her to let go and start taking steps on her own was fast approaching. Then I realized, I really knew next to nothing about choosing baby walking shoes. I had read enough to know that you need to get good shoes for your baby to walk in, but I was clueless where to begin so I started asking questions in forums, and asking Moms I knew what their favorite baby shoes were for beginning walkers.

First Baby Walking Shoes Need to Fit

Baby Walking Shoes

One of the best pieces of advice I read came from an article that quoted a podiatrist. Dr. Ross Taubman, M.D., stated that “A toddler can’t use words to tell you that she doesn’t like the way something feels,” and then the part that really hit home he went on to say that if the shoes do not fit properly, then it can cause your baby to stumble more and take longer to learn to walk. I had never considered bad choices in baby shoes could delay development, but I’m trusting the guy that went to medical school on that one.

Best Time to Go Shopping for Baby Shoes

Baby Walking Shoes

Another Mom gave me a tip that helped. She said that most babies’ feet will swell a little during the day, so to make sure that you never buy baby shoes that are too tight, go shopping in the afternoon. That was an easy enough solution for me. Also, I had several mothers recommend to me to go to a shoe store and let a salesperson measure the length and width of my baby’s foot. That was some good advice too that helped.

First Baby Walking Shoes I Chose

Baby Walking Shoes

As my baby got older, and we added two babies to our family, I got good with fitting my children in shoes, however in the begining I was overwhelmed with making the right decision. I read repeatedly that the best shoes are leather or soft materials. These shoes for your beginning walker should be flexible. Doing research I found a type of baby shoe called Robeez. If you never heard of them, definitely check them out. They have shoes for newborns to 2-year olds that promote healthy foot development, and they are very soft and flexible. Almost as good as barefoot.

What You Don’t Need

Baby Walking Shoes

Most babies are still developing arches in their feet and are quite flat-footed. You don’t need baby shoes with special arch or ankle support. It’s so much more vital that the shoes be flexible to the movement of your baby’s foot. In fact, according to Larissa Isterabadi, M.D., a pediatrician in Yorba Linda, California, she states that high tops are no longer recommended for babies as there were numerous injuries when babies fell in that style of shoe.

After going through so much research for my daughter, I feel like I made a good choice for her first walking shoes. As my other two babies started walking, I also chose Robeez for them. If you’re on the fence about what brand of baby walking shoes to get for your little one, do your research and talk to people. We never had any issues with kids learning to walk, however I do have to tell all three to stop running in the house on a regular basis.


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