Finding Baby Stores Online

Finding Baby Stores Online

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was afraid to shop online. Can you imagine that? Now, I’m like a pro when I go shopping at Amazon or baby stores online. I had this idea that the minute I put my credit card information into a form to pay, some hacker was going to take it. Well, it never happened until recently, and it was a store I used a gift card at and had never shopped on or offline at the store. I have a much greater comfort level with shopping online now, and I’d wager that I buy more things online than offline at this point. When I was pregnant with my third child, I bought his entire nursery online. Everything from the crib, the bedding, and everything. I said I wasn’t having a shower, but my friends and family got together and threw me a “baby sprinkle” which was just a fun get-together, and some people brought gifts, one of the most useful was a gift card at, which I put to good use.

Shopping at Baby Stores Online

Even 5 years ago, the selection for niche market stores that catered to infants and mommies-to-be. Over the last few years, the selection for stores where you can find bargains has grown to the point it is really worthwhile to spend a little time online looking for deals. I know, you’re thinking, “Yeah, but what about shipping?”
Fair enough. Shipping can and sometimes does blow the sale for me. I joined Amazon Prime for example because I get free shipping on Prime merchants’ items. It’s definitely worth the yearly membership fee, even with the first price hike ever that is occurring this year. If you’re looking for a particular make and model of a stroller or car seat, you cannot go wrong shopping online for a deal on a brand you know and trust. I’ll detail below how you can sometimes beat the shipping cost.

Tips for Finding Deals at Baby Stores Online

If you go to Google and type in “baby stores online” you will get 2,860,000,000 results. The easiest way to find deals is to make a list as you find you need a baby item, type of baby clothing, or if you need a baby gift. I keep a little notepad (I know, how 1990’s of me) and jot down items I want to get. If I am out and I see something cute I want to get one of my kids, I will sometimes also snap a photo to look up the best deal on pricing later after my kiddos are asleep for the night. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy locally, often I find a better deal online. Also, take advantage of the shopping function in Google. Sort by price and see what you can find. Thoroughly check out any items that have “too good to be true” pricing. I found a particular crib I was looking for that was $250 cheaper than any other store. Want to know why? Because the shipping was over $300 making it actually more expensive than any other outlet I looked into.

Saving a Little More

In this age of social media, take advantage of it. Many of your favorite baby stores have Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Join them all and when you’re ready to shop, see if they have any sales or deals for Facebook friends. One mommy store I really like had a deal when I was pregnant with baby #3 for 75% off maternity wear. It was a great sale and if you spent over $25, there was free shipping. It was only for people that liked their Facebook page. I needed maternity clothes at the time and it was a good deal to take advantage of.

One More Thing

If you forgot to check online for coupons or discounts, just open another tab in your browser (for PCs, that is just a matter of clicking a tab or Ctrl+t) and put in “store name coupon code” or “store name discount” and see what you get. Often you can dig up a hidden gem that will save you a little more.

There are a ton of great reasons to shop at baby stores online these days. Number one is the convenience. Followed closely by the ability to save money. Use these tips and get the most for your money next time you need some baby-related items.


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