Baby Shower Word Scramble

Baby Shower Word Scramble

Word scramble is an excellent and creative way to make announcements to your guests while entertaining them with baby shower games. If you have a big reveal to make during your baby shower, word scramble is the perfect way to do it. The great thing about the game is that people will not immediately catch on to what is going on they are so busy trying to figure out each word. It is fun to watch the light bulbs start to go on as your guests realize the deeper meaning of your lists.

How to Play Baby Shower Word Scramble

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You play Baby shower, word scramble by creating a list of scrambled words and asking your guests to guess the words as quickly as possible. Your guests have five to ten minutes to finish as many words as possible. You can place these words in order to form a phrase, giving your guests clues what the big reveal is that you will share during the baby shower.

Baby Sex Reveal

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A fun way to put a spin on the game is to fill the puzzle with boy or girl names that you are considering. You should also include a phrase such as “Which name do you like the most?” Create a second part to the puzzle asking your guests to create a sentence with the words they have found. Make sure you include lines similar to hangman for the phrase so that the guests know where to fill in the blanks. It will not take long for your guests to compare notes and realize the meaning of the puzzle. Get ready for screams of delight and excitement.

Twin Reveal

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A great way to reveal that you are having twins is to highlight famous twins in your scramble game. Choose names like Tia and Tamara Mowry, or Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. The challenge will be for your guests to unscramble the names and pair them correctly. You can add the names of your twins and your last name into the mix. Your guests will scratch their heads for a moment until they realize the names they do not recognize belong to your little up and coming celebrities.

Due Date Reveal

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If you have not shared your due date yet, a fun way to play baby shower scramble is to fill your word puzzle with important dates in US history. Use numbers only so that your due date does not stand out immediately. To ensure that no one passes over the date as a fluke, add the date at least twice. Title the game as “Important dates in US history”. To make the game move a little faster, allow your guests to use Google.

Announce New Pregnancy

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Do you have a friend or family member in attendance with a big announcement of his or her own? A wonderful way to announce the news is to slip it into the scramble puzzle. A great phrase to use is something like “Gracie is three months pregnant”. Make sure you put the phrase in the middle of the puzzle to ensure people are able to get far enough to see it. To make things more interesting, make sure that you record everyone as they are working on the scramble game. It is so much fun to watch people realize what they wrote. Be sure to tell everyone to review what he or she wrote before handing in their paper; give them one minute to change anything that they want to.

Ending Your Baby Shower Word Scramble Game

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There will be times that everyone is so absorbed in figuring out the words; they will completely miss your hidden message. You will be surprised at what you can miss when you are in a hurry. These moments can easily be resolved by reading off the answers to everyone. You can rest assured that as you are mentioning, “Gracie is three months pregnant” in sequence, someone is sure to start screaming who has completed their puzzle before you finish.
Baby Shower, word scramble is a game that allows you to play in so many creative ways. The possibility of twists you can add to the game are endless.

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