Baby Shower Themes For Girls – How Do You Pick Just One From So Many?

Baby Shower Themes For Girls – How Do You Pick Just One From So Many?

A sweet baby girl is about to arrive. One of the best ways to welcome her into the world is to give her momma a nice baby shower to remember. I should know this very well, because I had a precious little bundle
of pink, just a little over two years ago. Hard to believe my baby bunting is now a very active toddler that I cannot keep still.

Sharing My Experience

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

I want to share my own personal baby shower experience with all the expectant moms to be out there. This is because there is nothing that can compare to the pure excitement that does come along with the birth of a new baby. Therefore, the new mother to be should have a very fun and exciting baby shower for her little girl to be. So, with this said, do read on to learn all about my picks for baby shower themes for girls. I found it very hard to have to pick just one there, but I did, and I did make sure that the one I chose brought a smile to my lips and my heart personally. This is what you need to do too. Don’t settle on any theme that doesn’t bring you happiness. How do you pick just one from so many? Read on and find out more.

Picking Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

If you want to pick out just the right baby shower theme for a baby girl. Follow my own five pointers given here. Be rest assured they will assist you in choosing the very best baby shower girl them from the rest. After all, moms do know what is best, and I am a mother of a beautiful two and a half year old named Kaitlyn. I hope my pointers give you the insight you need to pick out a girlie them that will fill ya with utter delight. The pointers are as follows:

Narrowing Down Tastes

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Decide what your own personal taste is for the baby shower – Does your taste run more into the traditional girl baby shower themes such as Nursery Toile and Tickled Pink are for example. Do you like the more modern approach for a girl’s theme such as Pink Wild Safari is for example. There are lots of choices available. You just have to pick the one that captures you the most for your baby shower.

Baby Shower Themes for Girls Overall Colors

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Decide what your favorite color is and go from there – Sometimes, if you cannot figure out what your taste is overall, you can go with your favorite color and this is what I did. I wasn’t to in to pink, as a rule, so I did everything for my girl baby shower in an exquisite shade of lavender. Lavender was my favorite color, and this is the color, I did decide to go with in the end.

Choosing Baby Shower Favors That Fit the Theme

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Get the perfect baby girl shower favor to go along with your baby girl theme – Everything must come together perfectly for the celebration of your baby girl and this means finding just the right baby girl shower favor to go with your girlie theme. What is great about baby shower favors is this. There is lots to choose from and look over. So, with this said, go with the one baby girl shower favor that fits in, very well, with the theme and everything else. When I choose my favorite color of lavender, to do my baby girl’s baby shower in, I also choose little purple elephants for the party favors. They just went along naturally with everything from the cups to napkins to tableware. I just loved these fabulous purple elephants with a big purple passion.

Pros and Cons of Personalizing

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

To add personalization or not? – Some women out there may want to personalize everything at their baby girl shower, while others may not want to, it is all a matter of like and taste. I, myself, did like the personal touch on everything. I had the name and date of the shower put on the baby shower invitations, the programs, and even on the purple elephant party favors. I think personal adds your own customization and that it makes a baby girl shower something very memorable.

What About the Diaper Cake?

Baby Shower Themes For Girls

Should you add a diaper cake to your baby girl shower? – There are lots of different things to consider for your baby girl shower and one of them is should you add a diaper cake or not? I can answer this one very easily. Yes, do get a very nice diaper cake, but make sure it is all girlie in description. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be pink, but floral themed diaper cakes do come in a variety of different colors to accommodate your theme and whatever else. I chose a lavender colored diaper cake and it was one of the highlights of my baby girl shower.

There are lots of things to consider when planning a baby girl shower celebration. Baby shower themes for girls do provide the mom to be with a building block to add to, and plan on, which is wonderful. I built my entire baby girl shower just from the theme itself and went on from there. My baby girl shower was unique and fabulous to me. You should plan yours in the very same. Plan it with your heat and soul, this is the best way to go, as you will get it right from the onset. I hope my tips will help other moms out there, as much as they did help me, which is an important thing to have.


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