The Top Three Best Baby Shower Punch Ideas

The Top Three Best Baby Shower Punch Ideas

Next to the cake, baby shower punch can be one of the most creative dishes served a baby shower. There are so many cute ideas that you can use to make an unforgettable spread that will thrill any mom-to-be. Today, I am going to share my personal favorite ideas to serve “wow punch” at the baby shower that you are planning. No, you will not need to be experts at mixology to re-create these punch ideas. Most of these ideas use familiar recipes and popular techniques. Pull out a pen and prepare your grocery list for the ingredients to delicious baby shower punch that everyone will love.

My Top Three Baby Shower Punch Ideas

1. Ducky Bath Baby Shower Punch

Baby Shower Punch Ideas

Splish-splash, rubber ducky is taking a bath in deliciousness. If you want to leave an impression as the punch master, Ducky Bath Punch will give you the ultimate powers of the universe in the opinion of your guests. You will receive two extra stars for creativity and nothing less than an adorable bowl of punch badge. To create this tasty and cute treat you need blue Kool-Aid, ginger ale, and sherbet. The ginger ale will give the punch and nice kick and the sherbet will create a bubbly effect. Your guest will not know if they should drink it or give it a photo shoot.

2. Perfectly Pink Punch

Baby Shower Punch Ideas

Perfectly Pink Punch is one of the simplest punches that you will ever make. The ingredients are simple, raspberry sherbet and ginger ale. To make this punch all you need to do is wait for the sherbet to soften, put it in the punch bowl, and pour the ginger ale over it while stirring. Even if you have not spent a moment in the kitchen a day in your life, there is no way you could mess this recipe up. It is as simple as pouring milk into a bowl of cereal. The punch will turn out terrifically pink and will taste great. No one but you and me has to know how easy it was to make. Get your grand punch-making story ready, inquiring minds will want to know!

3. Georgia Peach Delights

Baby Shower Punch Ideas

If you want an extraordinary treat that your baby shower guests will not be able to get enough of, you must serve Georgia Peach Delights. This is a delicious baby shower recipe of my own that is wonderfully fresh and springy. If you are throwing a spring or summertime shower, this is a must-have treat. You will need one peach for every guest. I highly suggest trying different brands of peaches until you find a nice, juicy, flavorful brand. You will also need the creamiest and most delicious vanilla ice cream you can find. Finally, you will need plenty of club soda; I can promise you that all of your guests will go for a second round.

This dessert is self-served

Baby Shower Punch Ideas

so each guest can add as much, or as little, of each ingredient as they would like to. Your guests should fill their cup halfway with ice cream, or with as much ice cream as they would like. Secondly, your guests should slice their peaches and put the pieces on top of the ice cream. For the ultimate flavor, slice the peach over top of the glass so no juice is lost. Finally, your guest should pour club soda over the mixture and allow it to sit for a few moments so all the flavors have a chance to meld together. Supply each guest with a spoon so that he or she can easily slice his or her peaches for eating. If you do not serve this treat in a glass, a hard plastic cup will do.
After you serve yourself, sit back and wait for the “oohing and ahhing” to begin. The mixture of the club soda with the fresh peach flavor and the ice cream is amazing. If your guest of honor does not like peaches or is allergic, this recipe works well with several fruits, such as strawberries. Remember, to bring out the flavor you must slice the fruit. I hope that you love my baby shower punch ideas, and that they make you a baby shower punch rock star.


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