Simple and Snazzy Baby Shower Prizes to Consider

Simple and Snazzy Baby Shower Prizes to Consider


Creative baby shower prizes are simple and easy to create. Do not be discouraged if in the midst of planning a creative baby shower it feels like the prizes, you have in mind fall a little short of the rest of your master plan. Now that you have invited your guest, finalized the cake, and shopped for the best decorations and props, it is time find fun and unique prizes for the great games you have planned. Baby shower prizes can be fun, sentimental, and even homemade.

I have put together a list of my favorite baby shower prizes and baby shower prize ideas to help you find a creative solution to your temporary burn out.

Bundle of Joy Baby Shower Prizes

Baby Shower Prizes

Who does not love a batch of freshly baked cookies and yummy chocolate bars? If you are anywhere from a decent to an expert baker, a delicious basket of goodies is sure to get your guests attention almost immediately. Visit the craft supply store and buy small, sturdy, but cute baskets along with colored plastic wrap and pretty ribbons and bows.

Do not forget a few small jars of chocolate and caramel topping to use for dipping, or to enjoy with warm brownies and ice cream. Even if you have zero baking skill, you can visit your local bakery and requests fresh made goodies to put in your baskets. Pile the baskets with sweet goodies like brownies, snicker doodles, Gingerbread babies, cupcakes, and more. You can also add a cookie jar to the basket just to give it a bit more flair.

This ‘bundle of joy’ idea works great for those who are working on a budget- you will not spend a fortune, and you can of course save the best and the biggest for your guest of honor.

Put the Wow into Your Baby Shower Prizes

Baby Shower Prizes

You can never go wrong with the bath essentials- they are relaxing, blissful, and luxurious- perfect for a baby shower prize. You would be surprised how easily and quickly that you can create your own bath salts if you are a DIY girl. You can also pick a few bath bombs, fragrant soaps, essential oils, candles, and bath salts from your local store. Bath & Body Works as well as Victoria’s Secret are still two of my favorite places to shop for home pampering session goods.

Next, get creative with how you them- you could do it the traditional way; just pack them up with colorful trims and ribbons, and place them in a paper bag, or for an extra twist, you could choose to get innovative- place the bath salts in a baby bottle and so on.

An Extra Effort

Baby Shower Prizes

If you have the money to splurge and be over-the-top extravagant, I also have ideas you can use as well. You have a wide variety of options to choose from while purchasing baby shower prizes. The trick to narrowing your shopping trip down is picking items that will work for every woman- something like a cool manicure kit or a luxurious at-home spa treatment kit. You can even sneak in a weekend getaway at a spa retreat for a nice relaxing babymoon for the mom and dad-to-be. If you are willing to spend a bit more for baby shower prizes I have included and assortment of ideas that your guests will love.

• A home-spa kit complete with different bath essentials, lotions and shampoos.
• An organic home facial kit (a bit more expensive than the chemical variety)
• A cool picture frame that holds a group picture of the guests at the baby shower.
• A lavish spa certificate that allows your winner to get a luxurious spa treatment- total bliss!
• A spice mix set- fill up good-quality containers with some fragrant, exotic spices- an out-of-the-box idea.
• A bracelet with semi-precious stones
• A dainty bag of the best quality cosmetics- lipsticks, nail paint, foundation, anti-aging creams and more!
• A massage basket filled with some vital essential oils and a couple of jars of base oils, complete with an aromatherapy massage handbook.
• A shiny silk robe
• A citrus scented perfume
• Potted lucky plant or lucky charms (think Feng Shui)

These are just a few ideas that you can use to create the ultimate baby shower prizes. Many wishes for fun, happiness, and delighted faces at the baby shower you have planned.


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