Baby Shower Menu Thoughts

Baby Shower Menu Thoughts


I have been to so many baby showers over the years, and had one big baby shower for my first baby, then 3 “sprinkles” to celebrate the coming of my next 3 children. Grants, a sprinkle really is so much more of a get together and celebration, than a shower where you really need baby items. I requested no gifts at my last 3, just the fine company of my friends and family. I am now planning a shower for my best friend, and I wanted to share with you the best baby shower menu and some of the worst food I’ve ever seen at baby showers over the years.

Scary Baby Shower Menu

Baby Shower Menu

One of the creepiest baby shower menus was also one the most fun. I worked with a girl that loved horror movies, her home was filled with props from movies, and she and her husband loved to go to horror conventions. When she was expecting and her the day of her shower came, she had her baby shower on November 1, the traditional Day of the Dead. Well, actually it’s October 31 through November 2. But that was the day of her shower. She had Mexican sugar skulls, a sheet cake that had tombstones, bat cookies, a smoking cauldron, with a punch bowl inside. It seriously looked like Morticia Addams had planned this shower, and I am not a horror movie fan, but I loved it.

Salad Bar Baby Shower

Baby Shower Menu

I don’t know why, I’d never even consider a salad bar for a baby shower. It seems the ideal way to let everyone eat what they want, be healthy, with minimal prep work. I went to a baby shower that had a really nice salad bar set up, and they items marked “organic” and “vegan” so everyone that had a food preference would indulge.

Vintage Tea Party

Baby Shower Menu

One of the most elegant baby showers I went to was for a dear friend who is an antique dealer. She had her shower in her shop in a room set up like a Victorian parlor. She had beautiful linens on the table and china tea pots on all the tables. She had a gorgeous selection of tea cakes, and some nasturtium sandwiches, yes the flower, which was a common tea-time snack at the turn of last century. Although I am not what you might consider an adventurous eater, I was brave enough to try one, it had a very unexpected peppery taste.

Worst Baby Shower Menu

Baby Shower Menu

I went to a baby shower for a woman from work that I didn’t know well. If there was drama in our office, often she was the ground-zero for it. So you might say I went to her shower to be polite. I showed up and she had a lot of family there, and about 20 people from our work showed up too. The weather was nice and they had an area set up with tables and chairs for the shower. There was music, games, and then I saw the food table. It was jalapeno poppers, several packs of tacos from a local fast food place, and kegs of beer. Yes, a kegger at the baby shower. Several of the mommy-to-be’s family were into the third keg when I decided I had an important errand I had forgotten to run.

I find that a baby shower menu that either compliments an overall theme or is simple will usually be the best choice. I’ve been to baby showers that had full meals, and other just had cake, cookies, and light snacks. It’s probably a great idea to not have beer at your baby shower however.


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