Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Baby Shower Invitation Wording

A baby shower is one of the most exciting moments in the world. It’s like Christmas for that little bundle of joy that’s been kicking you in the gut for the last nine months. They can also be incredibly overwhelming and hectic. I’m currently in the process of throwing a baby shower. I’m seven months along and thrilled about my new baby girl. As a mom, the least of my worries has been planning but I never realized how much the details counted toward such an event. The games, invite list, decorations, even the baby shower invitation wording takes some thought. I thought I would compile a few lists to get the ball rolling for any fellow future moms out there. How do you write an invitation? The first process in this incredibly detailed subject is to ask yourself a few questions. -Do I want a neutral invite? -Do I want a boy/girl specific invitation? -Should it be playful? -Should I focus more on “The Joys of Motherhood? (Anyone that has been seven months pregnant should scoff at that.) -Will it be a themed party? -What is my invitation budget? And to delve a little deeper into that, -How many people will I be sending this to?

Focusing on the Baby Shower Invitation Wording

You have to focus on a couple of things. This is your baby shower and although we all want an extravagant night, we don’t always have the budge to fulfill as such. (And let’s face it. We are kind of counting on the presents to make that happen.) The great news is that you can make a beautiful invitation for very inexpensive. Pinterest has some great inspiration for ideas to get the mind running. The link below should spark a few. I’ve had a bunch of ideas running through my head and here are my top five for my baby shower invitations.

1. Baby Shower Invitation Wording Like a Ticket

No getting in without admission tickets or a raffle ticket. I thought this was an adorable idea. Simply print out your invitations on a movie or game ticket. Maybe you’re having a girl like I am, so I’m thinking a chick flick movie ticket. If you’re having a boy? Maybe a baseball game. This is perfect if you want something from home and you want to save your budget. It doesn’t take much ink to print these off.

2. Take a Page from a Favorite Story Book

Little Golden Books. Do you remember these? I thought this would be a darling, neutral way to send an invite. This specific invitation can be customized online and printed from home.

3. Make it Like Tea Time

Think high tea. Shape your invitations like an old timey tea bag and have yourself an old-fashioned tea party. “It’s tea time! Come join us for our celebration!”

4. Invitiation on a Baby Clothing

Specifically, a baby’s onesie. I am thinking this might be my favorite. This is absolutely precious and will definitely get the point across.

5. Popsicle Anyone?

Yes. popsicle invitations. This would be perfect if you are having your little one during the summer-maybe a BBQ would do well? And the age-old “I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream…” would certainly fit the bill. As far as the baby shower invitation wording goes, keep it simple. If it’s a themed party, go ahead and throw a little joke in there. Just make sure it references the 5 Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and have some fun! Don’t stress out. Your friends and family are coming to celebrate you bringing a new life into the world so enjoy it. And make sure to scream out that your little one is on his or her way-on your invitation of course.


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