Keep the Party Fun with Baby Shower Games Ideas and Have Some Laughs

Keep the Party Fun with Baby Shower Games Ideas and Have Some Laughs

Baby Shower Games Idea

It seems that every woman I know right now is expecting a little bundle of joy. I am happy for each and every one of the ladies. I love going to celebrate the fact that soon we will again introduce a little one into this world. However, baby showers can get boring if you start having to go to too many of them and I am not the only un-pregnant lady who has mentioned it since the last baby shower I attended. The people who planned her baby shower expected guests to come, leave gifts, snack and go. Can you say boring? I did. Guests were ready to leave before gifts were opened. So, when I was invited to plan my niece’s baby shower, I decided to search for some unique baby shower games ideas to ensure that my guests did not get bored. I wanted the guests to enjoy the shower as much as they would enjoy the baby coming into this world.

Beyond the Norm Baby Shower Games Ideas

Baby Shower Games Ideas

I had always heard of and seen the baby diaper game where the mom-to-be, or daddy-to-be, open a dirty diaper that was decorated by the guests. There are variations, but that is the overall idea. It is a fun but sometimes gross game, meant to disgust the parents. I however wanted something different, something that had not been done at other baby showers I had been to, and fun. Above all it had to be fun. I spent days searching the internet and soon had my list of possibilities together. Before you plan your next shower, perhaps you should also consider some of these fun and pocket book friendly games to play.

Coming Up With Unique Baby Shower Games Ideas

Baby Shower Games Ideas

These are the games that I thought would be the most fun to play. Having guests guess what is in a bag is fun. Take a few small baby items, nail clippers, thermometer, pacifier, etc. Tape the bags closed and labeled with numbers. Give each guest a pen and have them guess what is in the bag. The most right guesses is the person who wins a prize of your choice. The new mommy gets the bagged items.

Name that “Baby” Tune

Baby Shower Games Ideas

You can use popular or older songs that have “baby” in the title. Make your own CD of partial songs and have guests name that tune. The one who gets the most right will be your winner.

Who’s That Baby?

Baby Shower Games Ideas

Invite each guest to bring a photo of themselves as babies. When they get to the party take their photo and mix them up and number them. Have your guests try to figure out who at the party looked that way as a baby.

Pregnant Twister. Your guests will have to pretend they are pregnant. Current pregnant ladies should sit this one out. You will need a twister game, pillows, wrist or ankle weights that are not too heavy but heavy enough to be noticed, and fanny packs. Your guests play twister while they look pregnant. It’s a great game for a baby shower that has both men and women because women will enjoy watching their husbands or boyfriends deal with a pregnant belly.


Baby Shower Games Ideas

It is bingo with a twist. If the pregnant mommy has a wish list of gifts she needs for her baby as most ladies do, have her list handy and make bingo cards. In the spaces put a gift the mom-to-be wants. As she opens her gifts have guests mark their bingo cards in corresponding squares with a stamp pen of some sort. The one who gets five in a row wins. This game is only fun if the mommy has a lot of guests and a lot of items that she still needs to get before her bundle arrives.

For further inspiration, has a lot of unique baby shower games ideas for you to consider. The internet has more. You can decide easily which way you need to customize the games for your invited guests. These were just the games that I thought sounded like the most fun and I hope to be planning more baby showers soon so that we can enjoy more laughter because my niece, the guests, and I all had a great time at hers.


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