Top 5 Non Traditional Baby Shower Game Ideas

Top 5 Non Traditional Baby Shower Game Ideas

Each baby shower is different for every mother, but it seems that more and more baby showers are becoming non-traditional; meaning that both men and women are invited. For my own baby shower we invited all our friends and family and a few co workers regardless of gender and children were welcome too. If you do decide on a non-traditional baby shower, here are some baby shower game ideas that are actually fun for everyone!

Paint/Decorate Onsies

Baby Shower Game Ideas

We set up a onsie decorating station in our daughter’s soon to be room. We had fabric markers and paint and varying sizes and styles of plain white onsies. People could come and go as they pleased, a lot of the kids at our baby shower enjoyed decorating these. We knew the sex and name of our little girl, but this is also a great activity for parents wanting to keep the gender a surprise.

Bottle Chugging Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Try having a bottle chugging contest; everyone is sure to have fun with this one! Let the adults chug their favorite beverage, and give the kids apple juice. The fastest chugger wins!

Baby Shower Game Ideas for Diaper Games

Baby Shower Game Ideas

There are plenty of diaper related games to play. Try having guests put a cloth diaper on a balloon without popping it. To make it even harder blindfold adult participants! Another fun one can be to guess the poop in the diaper. You just smear around some melted candy bars and various baby foods into diapers and have guests “guess the poop”. One more diaper game I saw, but did not use was having guests write messages on diapers for the parents to be.

Pin the sperm on the egg

Baby Shower Game Ideas 3

This is a fun take on pin the tail on the donkey for adults. Print out a uterus, place an egg and have people pin their sperm as close to the egg as possible. Try this one after the bottle chugging contest for even more fun and laughs. If you’re throwing a baby shower that has kids in attendance, you can make it kid-friendly by making the game pin the ‘stache on the baby for a boy baby shower and pin the bow on the baby for a girl baby shower.

Guess How Big Mom To Be is!

Baby Shower Game Ideas

For another fun game find a roll of ribbon and have guests guess mom to be’s waist size by cutting a length of ribbon, I’ve also seen toilet paper used with this game. The closest to her waist size wins! If mom to be is embarrassed, or uncomfortable with this game then simply fill a jar with candies and have guests guess how many are in the jar. The best guess wins the jar of candy!

Guessing Baby’s Gender

Baby Shower Game Ideas 3

This is an activity for when the parents-to-be aren’t telling just yet whether their baby is a boy or girl. Have guests guess at the beginning of the shower whether the baby is a boy or girl. Then award prizes at the end of the shower for the guests that got it right.

The important thing for all of these baby shower game ideas is that participation is not required. You can leave all of these games out with some instructions and let guests participate at their own leisure. At the end of the shower determine the winners and hand out your prizes. We gave a favor of cookies in a jar to all of our guests but if you want something special for your winners consider giving adult prizes such as alcohol miniatures, single beers, or small denomination gift cards. Just remember to do what works best for you and your growing family!


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