Stunning Baby Shower Card Ideas

Stunning Baby Shower Card Ideas

This article is for procrastinators; yes I am talking to you! Those of you who know you are supposed to be attending a baby shower tomorrow and you still have yet to purchase a card for the mom-to-be. After all, that is why you are reading this article, right? Read my article, you will have no excuse to huff and puff in line at the grocery store trying to get to the baby shower on time after an 11th hour shopping trip to find the perfect baby shower card ideas. So, you are single and you have never had a baby, no problem, I am here to save the day with great tips that will help you create cool and snazzy baby shower cards. If you know where your local arts and craft store is, I have a simple list of items you will need to create a great card.

Baby Shower Card Materials

Baby Shower Card

When creating your own baby shower card, you may want to prepare a checklist of must-have craft products to buy from the supplies store. Here is a short list of the possible items you may need to create a card that everyone will “ooh and ahh” over. • Card paper (in different colors- preferably white, red, blue, pink, yellow, and baby colors) • Glittery ribbons • Sequins and buttons • Craft scissors • Paper punching tools • Colored pens • A black marker • Glue • Patterned papers (think polka dots, striped, zig-zag, baby animal prints in candy colors) • Animal stickers

Choosing a Theme

Baby Shower Card

The next step is to choose a theme- you can go for simple color coordination; blue for a baby boy, or pink for a baby girl, or get creative with some cool out-of-the-box ideas for a baby shower card. I have listed a few great theme ideas for your card below: • A Halloween themed card (for a baby that’s due around Halloween) • A holiday themed card (for December babies) • Zodiac themed card • Disney cartoon themed • A grown-up theme geared toward the mom There are no specific rules to follow when picking a card theme; just let your imagination run wild and explore your creative streak.

Tips and Tricks

Baby Shower Card

Now that you have gathered the essential decoration supplies and picked a theme, it is time to organize so you can start decorating. Pick out the materials that you want to use to prepare that card and set them on your work station. Trust me; you do not want to do this after you figure out that you are going to have sticky hands. Choose the materials as per your theme, and think about how you would want to put down on the card. Once you have made up your mind about your card design, start putting it all together. Remember to keep it simple- do not overdo it. Choose a simple combination of two colors- preferably light colors, since they work best for a baby shower (a card in black and blazing red will not look appropriate). Most attractive looking cards have a combination of two colors, and an element (a line of buttons, a strand of glittery ribbon, a circle of sequins, etc) that stands out. You can also find awesome card making ideas on the Internet- Pinterest is a great source of card ideas and DIY projects.

Baby Shower Card Quotes

Baby Shower Card

The wording that you choose in your baby shower card is one of the most crucial and important parts of creating the card. Here are simple quotes you can use to add a personal touch to the card by modifying the wording that you already have, or adding your own personal message. • Wishing the soon-to-be parents a great and joyful life ahead. • Congratulations! We wish you a healthy baby and a joyful experience ahead! • Congratulations for your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. • We are praying for a healthy baby with lots of joy and happiness for the years to come. • We wish you all the best for the arrival of your baby! Good luck with your life ahead as parents! • Your membership has been upgraded from the babysitting club to the parenting club. Congratulations! Remember- your baby shower card speaks about you- so give it your best shot!


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