Unique Baby Shoes for Girls

Unique Baby Shoes for Girls

Looking for something different in baby shoes for girls? I know I was. I have 4 kids. My son is in first grade, my daughter is in kindergarten, and I have twin girls that are 6-months old. One thing I learned as a parent, is that you should buy stock in a shoe company to compensate for the amount of shoes you’re going to need to buy. My son especially wouldn’t get to wear his “good” shoes more than a few times before I was donating those to charity, and buying another pair. I was looking online for something a little unique for my twin girls, they are yet again in need for shoes and I ran across some fun styles I wanted to share with you here in case you’re looking too.

OlleO Handmade Baby Shoes for Girls

Baby Shoes for Girls

These are baby shoes that I would love to have for my twins. I’ve always liked the casual look of a moccasin, and these are handmade, leather, with traditional laces just like the classic moccasin design. These are actually considered a unisex style, and they are made for babies that are just learning to walk. I also really liked that colors that these baby shoes came in. You can choose from dark brown, camel, cream, blue, or pink. There was a lot of attention paid to the design for these too. The leather is non-toxic cowhide and there are extra elastic shoelaces that come with these shoes for easy wearing.

If You Haven’t Seen Kickers

Baby Shoes for Girls

These are really cute shoes for baby girls. Kickers are made from suede and are designed to resemble a Mary Jane. however they have a little bow on the toe and close by simple velcro on the strap.

Classic Mary Jane Baby Shoes for Girls

Baby Shoes for Girls

There is something extra-adorable about a baby girl wearing Mary Janes to me. My daughters always have them. This pair from Gusella is the bees knees as far as I am concerned. They are just simply styled but look like they will last longer than my girls’ feet will fit into them.

Beautiful Dress Shoes

Baby Shoes for Girls

Falcotto By Naturino is my number one fave for dress shoes for girls. They have one of the cutest pair of dressy shoes I’ve run across. They are a pewter colored Mary Jane style with a precious pink flower with a gold glitzy center. The shoe itself is leather and the sold is rubber for good grip for little ones that are just starting to walk. Best of all, Naturino has designed this and all their baby shoes to be supportive of your baby’s feet, as well as comfortable.

Doc Martens for Baby Girls

I had to mention these because they are so cute. They are Doc Martens for little ones. This pair of boots are covered in delicate little flowers over a leather boot. They also have a rubber sole for a good grip. Again, thinking of the babies who are beginning to walk. These aren’t for everyone, but if you love something unique for your baby’s feet, these may fit the bill for you.

These are my favorite unique styles in baby shoes for baby girls. It’s not easy to get away from everything pink, believe me I know. While I think pink is a beautiful color, it’s not my go-to color for my daughter. Nothing wrong with someone only buying pink, it’s just not for me. I hope you enjoyed my list here, and if you have some unique favorites in styles for shoes for baby girls, I’d love to know.


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