Baby Shoe Sizes by Month

Baby Shoe Sizes by Month

My house is a daily whirlwind of activity. I have 4 children under the age of 5, two of my kiddos are twins. I also have a wonderful husband, and my mother now lives with us since my father passed away. I really enjoy having my Mom around, and I am fortunate that she gets along even better with my husband than she does with me. I’ve picked up some tips and tricks over the years to save money, especially on clothes and shoes. One thing I like to do is keep a little index card in my wallet of everyone’s current clothing, shoe sizes, favorite colors, least favorite colors, and so on. On the back I have a print out from a long-forgotten website that shows baby shoe sizes by month. I know my own kids’ sizes, but this is really helpful when I need to buy a gift for a friend or relative’s baby and I’m not 100% sure on the size.

Baby Shoe Sizes for Babies Newborn to 1-Month

Baby Shoe Sizes

Your baby will be in a size 0 shoe for this age. Maybe it’s due to all those sleepless nights with a newborn, but this first month with your baby will pass so fast. It will seem like you blink and you’re getting larger shoes for your baby.

If You Have a Baby Like Mine Were

Baby Shoe Sizes

I learned to trust my gut instinct on sonograms. When I saw my daughter’s feet on her sonogram, I marveled at how big they looked to me. The woman doing my sonogram rolled her eyes and said, “Oh her feet aren’t big.” Turns out, my daughter was born with big feet. In fact my second child, my son, was also a big footed baby, and never wore a size 0 baby shoe and started off in a size 1, that most babies wear from 1 to 3-months.

Baby Shoe Sizes for Babies 3-6-Months

Baby Shoe Sizes

Your beautiful baby will be in a size 2. Sometime during this time, your baby will probably discover her feet and they will wind up in her mouth when she’s laying on her back.

Shoe Sizes for Babies 6-9-Months

Baby Shoe Sizes

Your baby will usually be in a size 3, and during this time your baby will probably figure out how to pull off his shoes. I know when my son was around this age, I could count on him pulling off shoes as fast as I could put them on.

Shoe Sizes for Babies 9-12 Months

Baby Shoe Sizes

Your baby will be pulling up and walking most likely during this time along with so many other milestones. She will most likely be wearing a size 4 baby shoe.

Shoes Sizes for Babies 12-18

Baby Shoe Sizes

During these months, your baby will most likely be in a size 5 baby shoe. For me, I love toddlers around 12-18-months old, they are so fun with all their new discoveries and words.

These are the average baby shoe sizes. Your baby’s foot may grow a little faster or slower. I jokingly say I have 4 sasquatch for kids because my kids grew out of shoes ridiculously fast. With my first child, I had knitted adorable little newborn booties for her to wear. Guess who had feet far to large to fit in her own newborn booties? Yep, my daughter, she was in a size 1. In fact, only my twins were in a size 0 from birth, but that didn’t last either. They were preemies, but as they put on weight and started hitting growth milestones, they were fast out of those size 0 shoes too.


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