How to Find Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

How to Find Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

I’ve always been the type to save things that had memories attached to them. This is gross, but I remember saving a chewed up piece of gum in a folded over movie ticket stub, from my first date with my first boyfriend when I was 14-years old. I got a little choosier about the keepsakes over the years, thank goodness. When I found out I was a pregnant, I started a memory book to document the time before my beautiful daughter arrived and now that she has I still document milestones and memories. I am putting several ways to get inspired with baby scrapbook ideas so you can get find some additional inspiration for your own scrapbooking.

Get Baby Scrapbook Ideas from Friends

Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

One of the best things you can do is find like-minded parents and create a regular day and time to meet. First I found one other Mom to scrapbook with then as we mentioned to friends what we were doing together every Tuesday, more Moms wanted to join. We now have sixteen lovely ladies and one awesome Dad that come every Tuesday.

Don’t Set Impossible Scrapbook Standards

Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

I actually had this insane idea that I would be able to scrapbook every day of my daughter’s first year. You can imagine how quickly that idea died. Around about week two of many sleepless nights, I decided to keep a little pocket notebook handy and scribbled down ideas. Then once a week I would make a scrapbook page of milestones and funny memories. It’s worked out great.

Places Online to Get Baby Scrapbook Ideas

Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

I hate to admit it, but I avoided Pinterest for a long time. What was I thinking? That site is awesome. Put in a search term like “baby scrapbook ideas” and you will get inspiring Pinterest board after board. I usually intend to only spend 10-15 minutes there and suddenly I’ll look up at the clock, and an hour has passed. I have gotten some incredible ideas for scrapbook pages from there. Another image based search for just gleaning ideas is to use the Google Image search. It’s very handy, and you can drill down from there for more ideas.

Tell a Story on a Page in Photos

Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

I got this idea from one of the other Moms in our scrapbooking group. She documented her baby’s first taste of cereal on a spoon in the cutest way. In a series of photos, you see his face curious, then the spoon coming towards him, and his eyes are amazing as he tastes that first spoonful of rice cereal. Most of it is spat back out on his beautiful, smiling face, but it made the most wonderful page with just a few photos. With very little else needed on the page. Never discount the sheer power of photos over words in a scrapbook.

Gather your supplies Together in One Place

Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

I bought a tackle box. Yes, a tackle box. It keeps all my scrapbooking stuff in its lovely, separate little compartments, and it’s handy to tote around. Best of all, our curious dog, curious cat, and now my curious toddler can’t get into it. Another Mom has a scrapbooking keeper for all her stuff. It’s made from clear plastic and holds a lot of stuff. I’m sticking with my tackle box though. I’ve also seen Mom use a wicker basket. There are no wrong answers, whatever helps you be organized is the right way to go.

Easy Pages to Get Started With

Baby Scrapbooks Ideas

In our scrapbooking group, we were discussing starting pages. Some Moms started like I did before their baby was born. Other’s started with a sonogram as their first page. I know one Mom that photographed her pregnancy test with a positive result as her opening page for her baby scrapbook.

Making a book of memories for each of your children is so rewarding. If you have a child, but you’ve never done a scrapbook, it’s never too late to start. Just commit to doing at least one page a week about the events that happened, it’s easy to pull baby scrapbook ideas out that way for each page to have developmental milestones, funny, or happy moments. I can’t wait to go through these pages with my little one when she’s older.


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