Developmental Milestones Must Haves for Your Baby Scrapbook

Developmental Milestones Must Haves for Your Baby Scrapbook

I have been enjoying doing a baby scrapbook for my daughter. I joined a group of other Moms that also scrapbook for their babies, and we were discussing documenting different developmental milestones for our babies. My mother-in-law insisted it was merely gas, but I know when my baby my baby was 5-weeks-old, she looked me right in the eye and grinned. I was so sure I did a scrapbook page documenting her first smile. I left out the comment from my mother-in-law about it probably being gas. In talking with my scrapbooking group, we came up with some ideas for developmental milestones you may enjoy using in your own baby scrapbook.

Coming Home

Baby Scrapbook

If you didn’t have a home birth, this is often where a lot of people start their baby scrapbooks. Coming home is a huge event. Take snapshots to add to the scrapbook pages, and write down any thoughts or feelings you have to add in your scrapbook later. Once a week I used to sit down and go over my little notes I wrote all week for my daughter and create a page combining them with photos and journaling. It worked out for documenting her first year and not missing a thing.

Get Rolling and Crawling for Your Baby Scrapbook

Baby Scrapbook

I nearly missed documenting this one. The best way I found was to take a few picture and then write in when your baby started rolling. My daughter would only roll one direction for the longest time. Crawling is another huge milestone. For several weeks, my daughter would get up on her hands and knees, then rock back and forth. I would grab my camera, and nothing more would happen. The one day I hadn’t changed the batteries in my camera, you guessed it – she took off crawling. Lesson learned, have that camera ready to go.

Baby’s First Solid Food Baby Scrapbook Page is a Must Have

Baby Scrapbook

The day your baby starts on solid foods is huge. I saw one of the cutest scrapbook pages done by a Mom in our group. It was told in photos from start to finish how her baby reacted with his first taste off a spoon of some rice cereal. It’s pure magic on a scrapbook page. Also, you can document what foods your baby loves and which ones she doesn’t like. My daughter will spew peas back at me any way I give them to her she dislikes them so much, but I cannot feed her enough sweet potatoes.

Teething and First Tooth Memories

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Teething can bring gum pain, diarrhea, and a host of discomfortable symptoms to your baby. The result will be a pretty darn cute set of teeth. When those first pearly whites erupt, be sure to document them with photos. Also, it’s a good time let them brush with a soft toothbrush and take photos to remember when they started. My daughter did a whole lot more chewing on her toothbrush , but those photos are on a page with her first tooth. Along with some pretty priceless, gummy smiles.

First Steps are Huge

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Once your baby starts cruising, walking around the room but still holding onto furniture, be ready for that moment she’s going to let go and take those steps. I had my camera, and my daughter turned to come see it and took her first steps. I was snapping photos like crazy, but I got those first steps. I couldn’t wait to print out the photos and get them on a scrapbook page. Another Mom told me she made a pocket and put a DVD of her son’s first steps on her baby scrapbook, I thought that was brilliant.

First Words to Be Remembered

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My daughter’s first word wasn’t even a word. She called her father “Ghee”. I’m not sure where that came from, but it is still her preferred word to ask for her father. I still counted that as her first word. After that, so many words followed.

Those are just a selection of the developmental milestones we came up in our group. You will have your own, I know some Moms that documented when their baby started sleeping through the night. There are no wrong answers with a baby scrapbook. This is your baby, and however you want to document it is the perfect way to do it.


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