Finding Baby Phat Shoes and Clothing on Sale

Finding Baby Phat Shoes and Clothing on Sale

I’m a wife, I’m a mom, and I have a funky, fashion sense. The fine stylings of J. Crew and Ralph Lauren are not the kind of clothing you’ll find in my closet. One brand I really like is Baby Phat. In case you didn’t know, this line of clothing for women and girls was founded by Russell Simmons. Yes, that Russell Simmons. Yet another reason that I like and respect the brand. Now, the downside to loving Baby Phat shoes and clothing is that they aren’t cheap. I try to find online discounts and sales as often as I can and I wanted to share with you where I go to get my coupons for my Baby Phat fix.

First Stop for Baby Phat Shoes Coupons

Baby Phat Shoes

One of the first places I always go for finding discounts on Baby Phat items is at This place is a fantastic resource to use for finding discounts. The coupons that are posted will have a rating for how successful the code was for the person that rated it, also the last time the coupon was used, so you never waste time on an expired discount code.

Find It on the The Find

Baby Phat Shoes

There is a website called that is definitely worth your time to check out. If you’re looking for a deal on Baby Phat shoes or clothing, or anything else, just put it in the search. You will get a return of images and prices so you can quickly scan down the page for what you’re looking for. This is a fast way to narrow down the best price for a pair of Baby Phat shoes.

Another Great Site for Baby Phat Shoes Discount Codes

Baby Phat Shoes is a good place to make sure you’re not missing any discounts. I usually hit this venue up after I check out the other two. It’s an easy site to navigate and you will find a listing of current discount codes for Baby Phat and when the expiration of that code is.

Narrow Down Your Purchase with Compare

Last but not least, you want to use that discount on the shoes that are the lowest price right? That’s where comes in. You just put in your search term and it will return prices and images much like The Find, but you can compare far more outlets here.

You Won’t Find Many Discount Codes for This One

Baby Phat Shoes

I have to include I won’t even go bowling because I can’t stand the thought of wearing shoes that someone else has worn. But if the thought of shopping on Ebay makes you think of buying a pair of used, second-rate shoes, not so. You can get brand new, in the box, with tags. In fact I bought my pair of Squirt Boots that make our wet, cold winters just a little easier to tolerate on Ebay because they were half the price I found in any retail outlet. So always give Ebay a chance to save you money.

On all of these sites, most allow comments. It’s a good idea to skim over the comments section for the Baby Phat shoes you’re interested in. You can learn if a discount code has stopped working, the shoes run large or small, or other little details. These comments may either make you feel like you’re making a solid decision about your purchase or perhaps need to revamp your search, and move on to another style.


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