Newest Baby Nike Shoes

Newest Baby Nike Shoes

The newest releases from the baby Nike shoes line is impressive to say the least. There are a huge number of styles for both boys and girls. The “swoosh” is there of course, making the shoes truly “Nike” but there has been a lot more attention paid to detail on the design of these shoes. I remember buying a pair of baby shoes from Nike a few years ago, and they didn’t even seem like whoever had designed them had looked at a baby’s foot. Let me say, they’ve come a long, long way. Here’s a few of the styles I thought were really sharp.

Nike Speed Turf Baby Nike Shoes

Baby Nike Shoes

These are as close to an adult Nike shoe as you can get in an infant shoe. The Speed Turf shoes are cut with the top of the shoe angling up to accommodate your baby’s foot. That was biggest complaint with other Nike shoes from years past, the tops were cut straight across, and seriously how are you supposed to get a wiggly, somewhat pudgy, baby foot in them? Apparently someone else had the same thought because these shoes are light and comfortable. They also have a nice rubber sole for walkers.

Nike FS Lite Run

Baby Nike Shoes

This is a great infant/toddler girls’ shoe. It is available in two colors and has a great low cut. These shows would look as cute with a little spring or summer dress, as they would with a pair of jeans or shorts.

LeBron 11 Baby Nike Shoes

Baby Nike Shoes

The LeBron’s are sharp looking. They are in a black and white design with a red swoosh. There is a white paint spatter effect around where the rubber sole meets the upper of the shoe. These have stretchy laces across the tongue of the shoe, and also feature a velcro closure for easy on and off.

Toddler Boys’ Basketball Shoe

Baby Nike Shoes

The KDVI Basketball shoes were surprising to me. When I read the name of these baby shoes, I thought Nike had designed a high-top shoe for little ones. This is a very well made shoe, that will not go over your baby’s ankle. It’s light and closes with that famous velcro strip, it’s a wide strip on this style.

Have to Mention the Nike Air Jordans

Baby Nike Shoes

The Air Jordan Retro 3 are only available in one color: sky blue with black accents, but they are really sweet. They have a higher cut than most of the other Nike baby shoes, however they don’t look like they would be binding or uncomfortable to your baby’s foot in the slightest. The overall look is truly retro in the style. Reviewers started this shoe ran true to size and a little on the wide side. It was also noted how durable this particular style was.

Those are my favorite baby Nike shoes. The best thing I can tell you to do if you’re considering a pair is to find a pair you love then read reviews from other parents. I usually use the manufacturer’s site (like Nike) whenever possible, and outlets like or (formerly to get a good idea of what people who have bought the shoe really thought. Another source to use is The point is, look around before you buy, and you will seldom be disappointed.


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