Where do I get Baby Mobile Parts?

Where do I get Baby Mobile Parts?

Is it possible to build a mobile using Baby Mobile Parts? I want parts that would make a mobile spin slowing. An antique mobile would be really beautiful to build with parts from an antique dealer. This is a current daydream of mine to escape this week of interesting dilemmas. First we traveled to Chiloé Island Chile and arrived on the twenty-first of December. We experienced our second summer solstice for the year. We stayed in a Cabaña that had an incredible view of the ocean! We felt like we were in Heaven for two days because the view was so peaceful. The downside was that the cabaña costs more than what we reserved it for online. The price ended up being one hundred dollars per night. We were charged about forty more dollars than quoted. The view was worth it and the cabaña was comfortable but dirty. The kitchen was really rough. The bathrooms and beds were nice and the view was amazing! It is a little difficult to enjoy a dirty kitchen though! We do not mind rustic kitchens or cabins. However rustic and dirty are not the same term. I find cleanliness to be super important for maintaining health. I often wonder about cleanliness? In the sense that it is inexpensive to get things clean. Why do people have different interpretations of what cleanliness is?

The next dilemma

Baby Mobile Parts

I rented a cabaña in Ancud right in town. I rented from a really sweet Chilean woman for three nights. She gave us a good deal and we needed somewhere to tuck in for Christmas. The cabaña was nasty however. It was hard to accept that we were stuck there for three nights. The kitchen was gross and it smelled outside on the sidewalk. It did have an interesting view of real rustic Chilean buildings. Thank goodness we had Wi-Fi in one of the rooms so I could get a few things accomplished. The three days lead to us wanting the hell out of Ancud. We got on a bus and headed to Castro. I found us a rental cabaña online. I would like to make a point here! I wish Chileans would utilize craigslist for cabaña and house rentals. It would be so helpful for Gringos trying to vacation and live in their Country as a common posting service.

The next even worst dilemma

Baby Mobile Parts

We arrived in Castro and attempted to find the cabaña. We have two heavy suitcases and three huge backpacks. So we drug those around on really rough sidewalks and I am seven months pregnant! We finally agreed to get a cab to our cabaña after some serious marital tension. The cab driver drove us right to our night’s stay and the proprietress was waiting for us outside her house. She had a beautiful smile and personality. The cabaña is beautiful and clean with a good view. However it was recently varnished on all the wood. We felt absolutely ill after hours of trying to make due in this cabaña. We had to sleep on the floor in the front room with the front door and windows open. It was a horrible nights rest and we were worried about our children because of the exposure to the off-gassing. The experience has made me so grateful for non-toxic housing options!

Dreaming of finding Baby Mobile Parts ties in now in this story

Baby Mobile Parts

We woke up fine and we were able to air the little house out enough to spend time in the front room. The bedrooms are still toxic and we have the doors closed. I felt bad as I am the person responsible for renting the last two terrible cabañas! So I just needed to dream of creating things. I also needed to ponder life after Chile. Hence building a mobile and making beautiful decorations for our house when we resettle in the United States is a good past time for me.

I think antique toys could be used as Baby Mobile Parts

Baby Mobile Parts

We visited a natural history museum in Viñe del Mar, Chile. There was a section of antique toys. The toys were really bright primary type colors. The bright colors would work well as Baby Mobile Parts. Another good idea for creating a mobile is to collect little handmade dolls from different tourist destinations and use them as baby mobile parts. This is an enjoyable topic as I am picturing adorable little brightly colored ethnic dolls hanging from a handmade mobile. I love the bright colors used in the Latin American Countries. The Guatemalan fabrics are my favorite fabric, and the yarn from Peru is my favorite yarns for crocheting. These items could be utilized as Baby Mobile Parts if making an ethic colorful mobile for entertaining an infant.


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