Baby Jordan Shoes Review

Baby Jordan Shoes Review

Baby Jordan shoes are one of the most successful lines of shoes for babies and I have to say they are well made. I swore I’d never be one of “those” parents that bought Tommy Hilfiger or Baby Jordan shoes for they babies. But guess what? I haven’t bought any Tommy designed items yet, but I’ve certain bought a pair of Nike Infant Jordans for my son. In fact I’d like to review the line and several styles I looked at for you so you can see why I got swayed over to the buying these for my baby.

Baby Jordan Shoes for Newborns

Baby Jordan Shoes

My husband and I are both big time NBA fans, while I wasn’t a huge fan of Michael Jordan, I do admit, he was a great player. I personally try to separate the personal lives that wind up being very public from the professional lives of famous people. So, I can say as a professional, I have great respect for Michael Jordan. When my son was born, the first pair of shoes that weren’t hand-knitted booties he got was a pair of newborn Baby Jordans. They were white and so cute. This is my first baby and I had no real idea of how fast babies grow, especially those first few months. So he didn’t get to wear his newborn Baby Jordans long at all before his feet were too long. So that’s what started me on the hunt for another pair.

Finding Deals on Baby Jordan Shoes

Baby Jordan Shoes

My sister-in-law, whom I love and adore, gave me such an earful for looking for another pair of Baby Jordans. She actually repeated something I had read another Mom say in a forum. Basically it was if you buy your kids name brands, they will never settle for anything else and you’re raising a spoiled brat. I completely disagree. In fact, I think teaching your kids to utilize resources like online coupon sites,,, and Cyber Monday sales is a great way to teach your kids how to be savvy shoppers for the things they want. Granted my baby isn’t walking yet, so we have a while, but I fully intend on showing him how to get the best prices on everything in life through smart research.

FootLocker has a Baby Jordans Section

Baby Jordan Shoes

Of all the places online to shop, FootLocker is my favorite place to buy these shoes. My local store didn’t have a great selection, and the clerk told me to check out the website. She wasn’t kidding, there is a fantastic selection of Baby Jordans. Another thing I didn’t know until I looked on the website was the fact Baby Jordans come in sandals too. I would love to see a pair of the sandals on my baby boy’s feet. The sandals look comfortable too and they close with a simple velcro closure, so the fact my son has some pudgy little feet won’t matter, I can adjust the strap easily.

The Pair I’m Buying Now

Baby Jordan Shoes

I think the style I’m going with for now is the Jordan CP3.VI AE. They are really different from any toddler shoes I’ve looked at. The cut is sleek, and they feel light and comfortable. I was reading in a forum to be careful not to put heavy shoes on your baby, especially if you use a front baby carrier as I do, because your baby’s feet can go to sleep. I had never even considered that before, but as we all know, it’s hard to “un-know” something, so with that in mind I make sure his shoes are lightweight.

That’s my overview of the Baby Jordan shoes line. This is one of the most diverse lines for children I’ve come across. No two lines look rehashed or copied from another line. They are all unique, with fun colors and attention to detail. If you want a pair of shoes for your little one (they make shoes for girls too) I highly recommend the Baby Jordan line.


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