Top 5 Baby Gucci Shoes and Clothes

Top 5 Baby Gucci Shoes and Clothes

I was recently participating in a discussion online with some other Moms. One of the topics that came up was women who spend hundreds of dollars on designer diaper bags. I was amazed at the number of other mothers that judged it selfish to want to get designer diaper bags, clothing, and shoes for your baby. Personally, if you are able to get baby Gucci shoes or a diaper bag made by the designer of your choice, go for it. I haven’t bought a Michael Kors diaper bag, although I have one in my radar for a little while. I do like the Gucci line for baby clothing and shoes and I’d like the share the top 5 Gucci coolest outfits I’ve seen.

Cutest Summer Outfit Pairing with Baby Gucci Shoes

Baby Gucci Shoes

When I was shopping for my daughter at the Gucci Site, they have this fun “look book” type of display where you can scroll through outfits their stylists put together. One of my favorites Gucci outfits for baby girls is the heartbeat print cotton sleeveless top pairs with the navy blue cotton pant with heartbeat print belt and paired with the cutest baby patent leather sandal with heart detail. The sandals are black patent leather with a shiny red patent leather heart on top. Absolutely adorable.

Sweet, Casual Outfit for a Baby Boy

Baby Gucci Shoes

What made me fall in love with this outfit for a baby boy ultimately was the cute shoes with it. This fun outfit for your little man has an adorable blue cotton single-breasted jacket, that pairs over a white t-shirt. The t-short on the look book was a gg surf print cotton t-shirt. The bottoms were a simple khaki cotton gabardine cargo pant. And now the shoes. These little navy leather horsebit loafers are some of the cutest shoes for boys I’ve run across.

Best Casual Look for a Baby Girl with Baby Gucci Shoes

Baby Gucci Shoes

I found those cute horsebit loafer in the girl’s section at Gucci with this adorable outfit for little girls. Much like the boys casual outfit, this ensemble is a stretch cotton double-breasted jacket paired over a gucci paintings print fuchsia t-shirt. Instead of khaki cargo pants as in the boy’s casual outfit, there is a light blue stretch denim pant, and the cutest fuchsia patent leather horsebit loafers. They are the same cut and style as the boys, but in a gorgeous fuchsia, accessorized with those cool horsebit decorations.

Cutest Onsie for Boys

Baby Gucci Shoes

The cotton jersey and chambray hooded onsie wins hands down for the cutest onsie-style outfit for a baby boy. This is a soft cotton snap bottom onsie with a cool little chambray hood that you can pull up to protect him from the sun. There are also two pair of Gucci baby socks that come with this particular outfit.

Cutest Sleepsuit for Baby Girls

Baby Gucci Shoes

The white cotton long sleeve teddy on a bicycle print sleepsuit is in a word: adorable. This sleepsuit has the feet in, so your little girl’s tootsies will stay nice and warm. There is also a nice snap closure in the leg area of this sleepsuit for fast diaper changes. This outfit comes with a cute bib with the same motif of the cycling teddy bear. This would make an awesome shower gift for a special friend or relative that is a mommy-to-be.

That’s my favorite top 5 baby Gucci shoes and outfits at the Gucci site. Any of the Gucci outfits will make a great gift, and the quality and durability of their baby clothes make it easy to pass on baby clothes your child has outgrown.


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