Most Expensive Baby Girl Shoes

Most Expensive Baby Girl Shoes

This all started when I was looking online for something cute for my baby girl to wear on her tootsies the other day. I was looking through various online stores for baby girl shoes. I went to all my old standbys of Zappos, Payless, Amazon, and even hit up Ebay to see what was available. Then I decided to take a short break from all the shopping and look up the most expensive baby shoes for girls I could find. I honestly wasn’t sure what I’d find, but it was incredible what some of the shoes go for. Check this out.

Naturino Boots Oh My

Baby Girl Shoes

These floored me when I found them online. The Naturino boots are absolutely gorgeous. The cut, the style, the entire look of these baby boots are just classic. However, they also average over $1,000. I didn’t type an extra zero there. That is why these gorgeous little boots made my list.

Armani Baby Girl Shoes

Baby Girl Shoes

I just priced a pair of black Mary Jane style shoes for my daughter and then I went and sorted my shopping results from “high to low” to get the highest prices I could find for a pair of Mary Jane shoes. Turns out Armani makes a really nice looking pair of black and white Mary Janes that can be yours for around $230.

Ballet Style Slippers in Baby Girl Shoes

Baby Girl Shoes

My other go-to style for my daughter is ballet-style slip-on shoes. I have gotten them on the awesome BOGO (buy one get one) deal from Payless the last time I bought them. So I was wondering what the most expensive ballet style shoes were that I could find. Turns out they are made in the Polo line by Ralph Lauren. They are made of leather uppers, with a rubber sole and come in a shiny patent-look black, neon yellow, or hot pink. I’m not even kidding when I say how bright the yellow and pink are. These will run you an average of $299.

Gorgeous Styling by Burberry for Girls

Baby Girl Shoes

Burberry isn’t in my budget at the moment, but I had to admit that I absolutely love the look. I found this pair of Burberry flats for a baby girl that are so cute. They are a perfect pairing of a Mary Jane and a ballet style shoe. They have leather toes and then the famous Burberry plaid on the sides. They are done in nice neutrals that will pair with most everything. Yes, I really like these little shoes. But, I shudder that conversation I would have to have to with my hubby if I spent the $200 these shoes cost instead of buying groceries. But I can dream right?

I’m glad I took a break from bargain shopping to look at baby girl shoes that I may not be able to buy, but it was fun to look. I’m the type of person that uses coupons for groceries and unless the item is on sale, chances are I’m not buying it this week. Same thing for clothing and shoes. I try to cut costs wherever I can so we can do fun stuff like do a family vacation once a year and recharge. Now that being said, I certainly don’t fault anyone that wants to spend big bucks on their baby’s shoes. Go for it if you can do it, I say!


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