Understanding Baby Front Carrier Types

Understanding Baby Front Carrier Types

Seriously, before I became a parent, I thought baby front carriers were for those “helicopter parents,” you know the ones that hover over their child? How wrong I was. I find that I too could be called a helicopter parent and what’s more, I like having my baby close. Plus there’s an added bonus with using a baby carrier, your hands are free and yet, your baby is close. I still haven’t unpacked the stroller I got for a shower gift, but of course as my baby gets bigger, I may have to opt for the stroller. In the meantime, I’d like to share some of my baby carrier experiences with you and Understanding Baby Front Carrier Types.

My First Baby Front Carrier

Baby Front Carrier

My amazing mother-in-law got me the Chicco Magic Ultrasoft Infant Carrier for my shower. This was one of my most used items for my little girl. The inside of this carrier is very soft and comfortable. If you have a drool monster like my kiddo, the lining inside is detachable for easy washing. Best of all, you can custom fit this carrier to your unique body shape with just a quick adjustment of the straps.

I Fail at Using a Wrap Baby Front Carrier

Baby Front Carrier

I wanted an alternative to my Chicco and my BFF who is the closest thing to an Earth Mama I know, suggested a baby wrap. I was intrigued that it’s a sturdy cloth that holds your baby up against your body with no straps or buckles, and yet it’s safe. Sign me up. So I got the Boba Wrap Classic Baby Carrier. The fabric was soft, and I read it would support an infant up to 35-pounds. It was easy enough to put on, but 5-minutes after using this – it began to sag and stretch to the point it put more stress on my shoulders and neck area. I found out later that I had most likely received a defective wrap, but I had already moved on to another wrap brand.

I Win at Using a Wrap Baby Carrier

Baby Front Carrier

With my fail at the Boba Wrap, I was wary to try again at using a baby carrier wrap; however I got a great deal on a Moby Wrap baby carrier, and I’m happy to say it works. Rather than a cotton/spandex blend of the Boba carrier, the Moby wrap is 100% cotton. I preferred the fit of the Moby wrap as well. The weight of my baby was distributed more evenly without putting a strain on my neck. Like the Boba, the Moby carrier has no buckles, snaps or buttons. You just pull on the fabric to adjust, and it’s easy to do.

Best Front Baby Carrier for Hiking

Baby Front Carrier

We love to get out in nature, and at first we thought we’d have to give up hiking until our daughter could walk well enough to keep up and know the safety basics. Not so. There is a fantastic baby carrier called a KangaKid and it is not only a baby carrier, it’s a day pack too. Our baby enjoys the closeness and we enjoy introducing her to the amazing natural world. This carrier had a great fit for me, although until we learned to adjust the lower strap it did rub my husband a little bit. But our baby 100% snug and comfy for our hikes.

There’s a collection of my wins and fails using baby front carrier styles. I did get a replacement wrap sent by the Boba company after my fail. That carrier worked very well, but I was already pretty married to the Moby Wrap that I bought. So I gave the Boba to a friend and she loves it and continues to use it. What’s your favorite way to carry your baby?


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