How great is baby Einstein Newton

How great is baby Einstein Newton

What is baby Einstein Newton?

Baby Einstein Newton is a great program that will teach and inspire your children with many bright colors. Baby Einstein Newton is a great DVD that shows your children how to recognize what shapes are. Baby Einstein Newton was invented to help young toddlers, what shapes are, and why they are important. The baby Einstein Newton has several different movies in the series. This series is great because it is fun, colorful, and very musical.

What children will learn from watching the baby Einstein Newton?

Baby Einstein’s baby NewtonClick Here

The baby Einstein Newton series has a great way to teach toddlers in a fun and colorful way. Using music and colors, makes learning their shapes so much fun, kids will want to watch this series. Watching the baby Einstein Newton your children are going to be participating with the DVD and the activities the DVD is providing. My young twins love watching this DVD series, simply because of the music, they love to sing along and dance to the music, they love that they know what the shapes are and enjoy finding the shapes when asked too, they love to hear them say your right, and I love to see their eyes light up when they see they have gotten it right. The baby Einstein Newton is such a great television program I don’t mind letting my kids be T.V. kids, (in some sense.) being able to feel confident in the shows that my children are watching makes me feel great about T.V some of the carton shows that are now out on television are not that educational, I don’t mind if my children want to watch cartons that are not educational every once in a while, but I would rather them watch the baby Einstein Newton series (well really any of the baby Einstein collection would be great for them to watch.)

All smiles for baby Einstein Newton

Baby Einstein’s baby NewtonClick Here

My twins are always so excited in the morning, to watch the baby Einstein Newton, before they eat breakfast, then after they eat I will let them play for a while and usually one of them will come to me and ask if they can watch the another one of the baby Einstein Newton movies. Of chorus I don’t mind them watching these movies, I actually love that they voluntarily want to watch the baby Einstein movies. My twins often play shapes in the room, which is a game they made up because of this movie. This game is where one of them will say a shape and the other one has to find that shape as many times as they can, only in the room they are in. they love this game. They sometime will ask me to play with them and I will go through and find different shapes and have both of them find the shapes. They have so much fun with this game, I’m so thankful to have found the baby Einstein Newton DVD’s, they really are great.

The best thing about baby Einstein Newton

Baby Einstein’s baby NewtonClick Here

Me personally think that the fact that these DVD’s can teach a certain age group, and not exactly let them all know they are learning is a great skill. I love that my children love to watch these and they don’t realize they are learning, anything because they are having to much fun, I honestly don’t think they care that they are learning I think even if they knew that I wanted them to watch the baby Einstein Newton, because it is educational I still think they would watch it and want to watch it because it is so much fun. I honestly don’t know how anyone could not like the baby Einstein Newton DVD series, it is so much fun even for the parents, I love to get involved with my children and playing the games they are playing with the DVD. I love to watch the DVD’s with them; it is great to see that my twins absolutely love to watch these DVD’s. I feel blessed to have found these amazing learning, fun and colorful DVD’s. My twins love the characters that are hosting each DVD. The characters are one of the biggest reasons I love these so much as well, they are what make the DVD’s so much fun. The baby Einstein Newton shapes has Isaac the lion and the manager the clown, they are both very colorful, Isaac the lion has rainbow hair, and manager well he’s a clown they are all pretty colorful. My twins love to find the colors on the clown, and lion in this DVD.

Isaac the lion, make learning about shapes fun, like he shows fun things that are the shape, (example: Isaac the lion will throw a ball around and say this ball is what shape square, oval or circle?) they love to find the shapes that Isaac the lion hides around the room. I personally love to watch them have fun; I love to hear them answer the questions. It makes my day. My kids are my life and I want them to have fun with all that they do in the day time while they are home with me all day. I don’t want my kids to grow up thinking that I’m boring, or that I never did anything fun with them or for them. I love the baby Einstein Newton series, a lot they are phenomenal.




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