Baby Einstein shapes is important

Baby Einstein shapes is important

Why are shapes important?

Learning your shapes using baby Einstein shapes is important because, it helps your child’s brain development, it will help mold your child. When my twins were about 1 ½ I went in and thought it was time to help teach them more about shapes, more then what they were learning from Sesame Street, I found baby Einstein shapes. I knew if I was to start them out early, by the time they were to be in school they would know everything they would need to know and school would not be that hard for them to transit into. Just knowing that my twins would be ready for school when they would be that age, when they began to watch these DVD’s I knew it would be a breeze for them to finish, I knew they would learn them in no time. Just thinking about them at that age is so fun, and the memories flood my mind and heart. They just make me smile at how proud I was and are of my twins (they are now in 1st grade).

What was my twins favorite thing about baby Einstein’s shapes?

Baby Einstein shapes

When my twins were just starting out they decided, they really liked to watch the characters, I think that is what made them want to watch them and then as they got a little bigger and was watching them they eventually realized it was showing them what the shapes were, and what kinds of things were those shapes, things around your home, outside, at the park, ect…. They had become so excited to see that even some of their very own toys were some of those shapes. My twins were excited to see that their ball was circle, they were the ones who came out and told me, and that not all their books were square, but some were triangles too. My twins learned all that just from the baby Einstein shapes DVD. It is pretty amazing the things you will notice your child has learned just from watching a simple DVD. To see how proud my twins were when they had realized that what they learned was all around them in their rooms, and every where they would go. They loved everything about baby Einstein shapes.

The advantages of using baby Einstein shapes are?

Baby Einstein shapes

In my opinion, I think the advantage for my twins was learning these simple things early and not having to learn that in kindergarten but they actually surprised their teacher with what they knew already. Their teachers were really impressed with what they knew already. Their teacher was not sure how to teach them because they already knew everything they should be learning for their ages. I was very proud to hear from their teacher that they were doing so well, and they were understanding what they were suppose to be doing. Their teachers were also very happy that they were so well behaved, and well mannered, for their ages.

Why I love the baby Einstein shapes DVD

Baby Einstein shapes

I love this DVD collection because it was very easy and fun for my twins to learn, not only was it easy but it was a very exciting environment for them to be in. I loved that my twins loved to watch them and they always wanted to watch them, for me it was great to see the excitement in my twins’ eyes when they would see Isaac the lion come out on the DVD and begin to talk to them. I could tell that they thought that Isaac the lion was actually talking to them personally. I could see that they were really into what he was saying and what he was asking them about and it was like they were really having a conversation with them. It was such a great moment in my life to see them become such smart little boys. Then when they became school age they were above the grade level, it was really a rewarding achievement to see them succeed at their ages.

At the beginning of it all

Baby Einstein shapes

At the beginning of learning that I was going to be a mother of twins, I began to worry about what kind of a mother I would be…. I think every mother does, while thinking about that I began to wonder if I would be able to spend my time equally with both of them at the same time, which is how the whole baby Einstein collection came to be in my house. I knew that if I could get my twins into watching the DVD’s then I would be able to spend my time with both of them equally. I loved that feeling of knowing that I would be able to do that.


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