Baby Einstein puppets, and the fun they share

Baby Einstein puppets, and the fun they share

Why are the baby Einstein puppets so important?

The baby Einstein puppets are such a huge part of the whole entire baby Einstein collection, they are the reason the baby Einstein collections are so popular. I personally have sat down and watched some of the DVD’s in the collection with my children and I don’t think they would have been as fun if the characters were not so involved in the DVD. The characters are so colorful, happy and give such a great vibe; out to the children they make the entire collection worth watching. I know if it was not for the puppets I don’t think my children would have watched them, if they did watch them I don’t think they would have been so interested in the DVD’s. The puppets are what make the DVD so much fun. They are the importance in the DVD collection.

Why my children loved the puppets

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My three children loved the puppets in the DVD’s because they were colorful, fun and they are extremely kid friendly, they really make your children feel smart, they have the best way of celebrating the subject they are teaching. Like Isaac the lion loves and takes pride in his shapes he is teaching about, he makes the children believe that the shape he is teaching them about is the most amazing shape there is in the world, he also makes the learning about the shape so much fun. He plays shape games, which were very fun for my children. I loved that Isaac the lion was such a colorful character, he has rainbow hair (mane) he is such a friendly lion and makes everything that is shapes fun for your children.

Through the eyes of my 3 year old

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When my daughter was three she was so amazed at the colors, and how much fun Isaac the lion was when he was showing her all about the shapes. She loved that I would be surprised when they would say a fact about the shape, she thought it was cool that Isaac the lion was even teaching me about the shapes, I would look at my daughter and tell her that I never knew that, (even thought I really did). She was always so excited to learn anything new about the shapes, she always wanted to learn more about the shapes, and she loved that he would show her how to draw the shape he was talking about. I think she just loved Isaac the lion, because he was so friendly and colorful, and a ton of fun to watch. She learned her shapes very quickly watching him. Isaac the lion was my daughter’s favorite puppet, she loved everything about him, she loved that his mane was rainbow; he was fun and made shapes fun.

What do I admire about baby Einstein puppets?

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Where do I start? Hmmm…. Well I think the main thing I admire about the characters is how well they teach and how they all make what ever they are teaching fun, almost like there is nothing in the world as fun as learning about shapes, or the planets, or the ocean, and of chorus animals. I think the fact that they puppets are having so much fun it makes the children believe that it is so fun; to know all the things they are learning. I love that no matter what the subject the puppet is trying to teach your child about, like it the most fun your child will have. Like what they are showing your children about that is the most fun and attractive subject to learn and have fun with.

Personally I love that the puppets make the learning something fun, and makes your child believe that what they are learning is the greatest thing in the world, and that if they don’t learn it then they will not be having any fun. I love the DVD about animals the best to see the animal puppets, that they are teaching about is a lot of fun to see them move around and there is even some of the animals that are having fun, with dancing and singing or even playing instruments. I just absolutely love everything about the baby Einstein puppets, I don’t believe that the baby Einstein DVD’s would be as fun as they are if there were no puppets to make it fun. I think if it were human people teaching and showing our kids about the animals, or space, or the ocean, then our children would not be having much fun, I think the puppets are what made my children want to watch the baby Einstein DVD collection. The puppets are the most important part of the baby Einstein collection.


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