Baby Einstein numbers, are great for your baby

Baby Einstein numbers, are great for your baby

Learning from the baby Einstein numbers

Baby Einstein numbers, has a couple of different levels of teaching, levels like teaching counting from 1-5 that is for younger children. Numbers are an important skill to have, learning them is one of the most important skills you can learn. I love to hear my 2 year old count to 20, she don’t always count that high but I know she can, it is all because of the baby Einstein numbers series. My 2 year old does not always count right in line sometimes she will miss a number or 2.

Numbers are great!!!

Baby Einstein numbersClick Here

My 2 year old has learned her numbers very quick from using the baby Einstein numbers series; she is pretty good at counting to 20. When baby Einstein numbers teaches, she will sing along with it and she has so much fun, with her numbers. Even when she is not watching the DVD she loves to run around the house singing her numbers. Counting is a great way to start teaching them number order and with number order your children can learn their own home number, which is great to know. I like that when she spend time with her grandparents she will count with them and she gets pretty far when she is counting with someone. Sometimes they could get her to count to 40 or higher not often just sometimes, I think it is amazing that being 2 years old and she can count to 20 on her own.

My 2 year old using baby Einstein numbers

Baby Einstein numbersClick Here

When my daughter turned 2 she got the baby Einstein numbers for a present, this is our first go at the baby Einstein, collection the first time I put the DVD in the player I started watching it with her and she loved it she would dance to the music in the DVD, which was the first thing that actually got her attention. After watching the DVD a few times I noticed she was enjoying her self so much, and as the days would go by she was starting to slowly count, I would hear her in her room with that playing on her television, singing along with the number song. I was shocked that I could actually hear her saying her numbers and when my husband came home, I told him to go and listen to her. My husband was pretty surprised as well. neither one of us could believe that just after a little under a week of watching the DVD daily that she would be able to count to 5, it is simply amazing to be able to see our 2 year old to count.

Counting time with baby Einstein numbers

Baby Einstein numbersClick Here

After learning to count to 5 we decided to go buy the rest of the counting series; and just like the 1-5 DVD she learned the numbers very easily. each DVD starts with the previous counting DVD so it starts out by counting to 5 again and then counts from 6-10 and the next was 10-15 and so on… she loved to count and was having so much fun watching the colorful, musical, and active DVD’s for the counting, the characters were so much fun, and made the counting fun for her, this is what I think made her learn so fast. Counting is just the first step for us to learning and becoming a kindergartener before she is 5. I love that she knows her numbers and soon will know her letters and be able to say her ABC’s as well as she counts. She loves counting and I love that she is counting as great as she is.

Baby Einstein numbers, and what it has done for my 2 year old

Baby Einstein numbersClick Here

This program has helped my 2 year old, learn her numbers, but not only that but has taught her what the number order is. She now knows that when counting you count 1-2-3-4-5 ect….. and now that she knows her numbers and how the order of the numbers, I can not trick her with counting I tried to trick her by counting like 1-3-6-8 and she told me “no mommy like this 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 ect… she made me laugh so hard after correcting my counting, but she also made me a very proud momma that day as well. I loved being corrected by my 2 year old. She is an amazing little girl. Just to know that there is an easy to follow program is great for me now I will know where to look when I am going to try and teach her other skills. I know that I will keep going to baby Einstein. I want her to know everything she should be learning in kindergarten, before she is to get to kindergarten; I know as long as I stick with the baby Einstein collection I know she will be much more advanced then most of the kindergarteners, when she gets there.


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