Baby Einstein number nursery, infant style

Baby Einstein number nursery, infant style

Watching my 6 month learn counting

When my son was 6 months old and even though he was unable to talk I had began to let him watch (listen) to baby Einstein number nursery, I knew that mentally he was learning even if he can not vocalize what he has learning, I would play the DVD, daily usually right before bed time I knew that night time was such a great time because as babies sleep all the things they have learned in the day time they absorb all that and it gets sponged into their little brains and they remember that the next day. I began to try and teach my son how to talk more as well as watching the DVD, although he was not really watching the DVD at his age just having the volume up so he could hear it, was good enough I knew that once he began to talk more he would be able to go and start counting almost right away, there was even some night I would let him fall asleep to listening to the DVD, so that is was super fresh in his mind when he feel asleep.

Baby Einstein number nursery, is amazing

Baby Einstein number nursery

This program is an amazing program; I loved seeing how) when my son was) 6 month olds eyes change expression when listening to the counting, and the music. I knew when he is listening to the DVD he is taking in all of the information; my son had begun to say little words like mom, dad, cat, dog. Little words like this are the first steps to his little brain developing. I would get so excited knowing that my son is growing everyday. I know that he is going to be a smart little boy when he begins to talk more and the more I use the baby Einstein number nursery. I knew I would continue using this until he begins to talk and repeat the numbers back to me, then we will just move on to the next DVD.

Beginning to count with the baby Einstein number nursery

Baby Einstein number nursery

Now my son was at the age of 10 ½ months old and he was now saying many words including his numbers 1-5, such a proud momma. I worked every day with my son for a few months and he had finally began to copy my counting with the DVD, he was also beginning to become much more interested in watching the DVD, watching all the colorful, characters dance and count was so exciting to him, which in turn made me excited to know that he was beginning to become interested in the counting and numbers, hearing him count along with the DVD is so great, I’m almost sad to see how much he had grown up in just those couple of months, I just could not believe that he was actually counting at 10 ½ months old, I did not think that I knew of any other infants his age that was already counting. I felt very blessed to have my son counting at his young age.

My biggest accomplishments using baby Einstein number nursery

Baby Einstein number nursery

As my son was getting older, I had begun to introduce him the baby Einstein numbers. This was for more of a toddler age, and they had also began at the beginners stage 1-5 well my son already knew these but I went through that DVD anyways, just as a refresher. (I had it in the back of my head that I was pushing him to hard to learn his numbers) when I told my husband that he was counting to 5 he could not believe it, after all he was barely talking regular words. I knew he could count and had him count for my husband and he listened with shock in his eyes, pride but shocked. He was very happy to hear our son talk and count. After a couple of weeks of watching counting 1-5, I moved to the next counting numbers DVD in the series and he learned those in no time, after he had already learned the first 5 it was like routine for him to watch it and I knew it would take a little bit of time just to get the number pronunciation down. I knew if he watched it every day he would be counting 1-10 in no time. seeing him watch the baby Einstein number nursery and upgrade to the numbers series was an amazing feeling to see, I loved watching him count and seeing his excitement when he would count them all right and in the exact order they should be in, not only counting but actually in the right order. Just seeing him being so proud of himself was the biggest reward for me as his mother.


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