Baby Einstein mobile

Baby Einstein mobile

Baby Einstein mobile for my daughter crib

When I was pregnant, with my daughter I looked around for a mobile for her crib, one that was on timer, I wanted it to be one that would be one for a while and then automatically turn off, after like twenty minutes. I wanted one that would not have to be wound up, I wanted to be able to turn it on and leave let her fall asleep. Having the mobile on the crib really was a god send, it was a life saver. She loved it and was so attracted to it.

Why it was so important for me to have the baby Einstein mobile

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It was important, that I got the baby Einstein mobile, because I knew this was perfect bright colors, and very attractive music. I knew she would love it. I knew that with the music and the colors she would keep her eyes on it, this was the one that would keep her attention. I thought really hard about what one to get and I knew this one was perfect. I knew she would like it and I was right about that. I think it is important that my daughter was to have a mobile on her crib to keep her occupied if she was to wake up and my husband and I did not hear her right away she would have something colorful, to look at and that she would be able to see something so pretty, the one that I had also had a setting that if I wanted it to turn on when she was to make any kind of noise it would automatically come on and put her back to sleep or she would be occupied until my husband or I had gotten to her. I loved that feature of it and that was a really important aspect of having the mobile.

My little angel and her baby Einstein mobile

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When my little angel was born, I started her out in her crib and I wanted to see how well the mobile was, and much I knew she would like. With in the first four months of bringing her home I used it at nap time and it would put her right to sleep so I started to use it at night and let that put her to sleep and that was working she had began to sleep through the night very quickly, I loved it after just 3 months she was sleeping through the night. I loved that I was getting sleep with her being so young still I was expecting it to be more like a year old like my older daughter. But it was really soon after she was brought home that she was sleeping well I was very happy with the mobile. After she used the mobile for a while she began to not have to need it anymore I kept it in there, because I wanted her to keep occupied while laying in her crib. When my daughter was old enough to sit up she realized she could reach it and she would try to grab the animals, on it and as soon as she would touch it or make a noise it would come on and she would get all excited about it coming on. Very cute to watch her, make it come on she figured that out after just a few times of waking up and just screeching softly. She loved her mobile even more.

Why the baby Einstein mobile

Baby Einstein mobile Click Here

I like the baby Einstein mobile, because it was very colorful ocean scenery on it and the music was great too. The mobile was a great way to keep my daughters eye up and occupied, she could not stop looking at it when it was on she loved that it was slowly spinning and the colors caught her eye, and kept it. She loved it which made me love it. The music was great too, most of the songs on it were the most common nursery rhymes, we all learned as kids. Im not all the way sure why I liked this one out of all the other ones I think it was the colors and the scenery, on it. I loved the ocean theme. I liked that the characters that were dangling down was dolphins, and whales, octopus, and even a sea lion. I loved it….. When my daughter was old enough to sit up on her own I sometimes would not even know that she was awake, she would sit up and try to grab the animals hanging down from the mobile.


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